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May/June 2002

Partial Literature List

All Servants’ News back issues and separate literature items are free. Ask for back issues by year and month, and literature items by their order code (ex. LITLST).
Our goal is to bring worthwhile information to as many as want it at the lowest practical cost. The loose-leaf format used by Servants’ News and most of the literature below is inexpensive and makes copying easy (most literature is public domain). You might wish to hold the printed pages together with a ring binder, staples, brads or a paper clip.

Items Recently Added to Our List:

Basic Literature:

CALLIT—Christian Action League Literature List by Al Van Dyk, 4 pages.
List of nearly 200 Sabbatarian literature items from small tracts to large booklets. Good for evangelism. Small fee charged, but permission granted to copy.

Mature Literature:

CALSIT—Sighting of the New Crescent to Define the Start of a New Month
Should be from within the Biblical Boundaries of Israel by Herb Solinsky, 8 pages.

EX9—Exodus 9 and the First Biblical Month by Herb Solinsky, 60 pages.
Explanation of why the Hebrew word Abib cannot be used to determine the first Biblical month in the year.
Study Sources and Information:

SHRLIB—Sharing Library by John Crissinger, 12 pages.
Hundreds of Christian books, pamphlets, CDs, audiotapes and videotapes you can borrow. Some are for children.

SOUNDS—Sound Systems for Services by Norman Edwards, 20 pages.
Determine what kind of sound equipment you need and know how to use it—even with a limited budget. Very helpful for Feast-sized groups.

Items Featured This Issue:

Study Resources and Information:

BARNAB—Barnabas Ministries Bookmark Bunch, by Alan Ruth, 6 pages.
Three 2-sided bookmarks on Bible basics, Plan of Salvation & Words of Comfort, and Worldwide Web Resources. Keep, carry or give away.

BSAO—Bible Sabbath Association Order Form, 8 pages.
Sabbath books and tracts—some hard to find.

COGNEW—The Churches of God Newsletter, by Rick Beltz, 12 pages.
Free Sabbatarian Newsletter.

DECLAR—The Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution, 10 pages.
The Apostle Paul knew his rights under the law as he traveled and preached Christ (Acts 16:37-40; 22:25-30; 25:11,16). Let us know ours.

FELCOM—The Fellowship Commentator by F. Paul Haney.
Sample 8 page issue of free quarterly newsletter.

HEROOT—Hebrew Roots, edited by Dean Wheelock.
Sample 24-page issue of free newsletter with emphasis on the Hebrew roots of “Christian” belief.

HRPO—History Research Projects Order Form by Craig White. 4 pages.
Hard-to-find origins of nations books.

INHIM—In Him Newsletter.
Free every-2-month newsletter for teens & people working in youth ministries.

LEELET—Interdependent-Interactive, Church of God, Sabbath Services, Bible Studies, and Open Fellowship, Plus This Newsletter by Darwin and Laura Lee, 24 pages.
News and articles from Bismark, North Dakota.

LRCOGD—Living Room Church of God Directory by Robert Bodkin, 16 pages.
Find a place to fellowship!

LOCALD—Local Servants Directory, 16 pages.
Names and contact info of believers interested in comunicating and helping others in whatever way they are so gifted.

PRISON—Prison to Praise by Merline Carothers, 118 pages.
Book reporting miracles that occurred as a result of praising God. Shows difficulty we can have telling others “they don’t know God.”

SABSEN—The Sabbath Sentinel
Free sample issue of 16 page magazine—doctrinal & human interest articles. Comes with Bible Sabbath Association order form.

SCABRO—Scattered Brethren Contact List, 8 pages.
List of cities of Servants’ News subscribers & directions on how you can contact them.

FOT00B—Young Child's Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book, 2 pages.
Coloring, questions and word search for ages 2 to 10. Ask for one for each child.

Mature Literature:

ASABB—Assembling on the Sabbath by Norman Edwards, 16 pages.
Explains the scriptures regarding our need to fellowship on the Sabbath and how to do it.

CALBAS—Biblical Calendar Basics by Norman Edwards, 26 pages.
Explains Biblical and Hebrew calendars (beginning of months, years, postponements etc.)

HOWGIV—How Do We Give to the Eternal? by Richard Tafoya & Norman Edwards, 36 pages.
Study of giving/tithing.

GOVHUM—How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans? by Norman Edwards, 34 pages.
How the KJV translators altered Scriptures about government to please King James and an analysis of what the Bible says about how we should govern in today’s congregations.

EJUDGE—What Does the Bible Say About Eternal Judgment? by Norman Edwards, 83 pages.
What happens to people after they die? What about “bad” people? “Good” people? Unbelievers? Diligent believers? Lax believers? Answers these questions form the Bible.

Study Resources and Information

FBIC—Freedom Biblical Information Center Catalog by Wayne Schatzle, 12 pages.
Free sources of literature and tapes.

GIVSHO—Giving and Sharing Order Form by Richard Nickels, 3 pages.
Has many excellent free items, low prices on hard-to-find religious books.

JOURNL—The Journal: News of the Churches of God edited by Dixon Cartwright.
One free sample issue. Best Sabbath-keeping group news source.

LITLST—Servants’ News Back Issues and Literature List, 26 pages.

LITNDX—Servants’ News Literature Subject Index, 56 pages.
Everything by subject.


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