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Mar/Apr 2002

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations
This column includes information sent to us from a variety of groups. Servants’ News does not necessarily agree with the teachings or practices of these groups. Please ask about them before attending their functions.

Sabbath Campers Fellowship

You are invited to join us for the Sabbath Campers Fellowship August 23-25, located at: Shady Green Pastures, 5841 W Gresham Hwy, Charlotte, Michigan 48813. It is a private Christian campground with 15 sites with electric hookups, numerous sites with no hookups, and five cabins with electricity. The campground offers fishing, paddle boating, swimming, and nature trails. There is running water and a bathhouse with showers. Please call or e-mail me to reserve a site.

Ray Wooten will be the guest speaker. A Bible study will be held Friday night. The Sabbath schedule is 11:00 am singing, 12:00 service and a 3:00 pm potluck meal. Saturday evening there will be a concert at 7:00 p.m. by the Northmen, a Gospel quartet from Indiana. Recreational activities are planned for Sunday. Bring a dish to share at the potluck along with your own table service.

A freewill offering is suggested for the use of the campground. A freewill offering will also be taken at the concert for the Northmen.

You are also welcome to come for the studies, services and activities, but spend the night in a motel. About 20 minutes away in Charlotte are: Super 8 Motel, 517-543-8288; Holiday Inn Express, 517-541-5000; Comfort Inn, 517-543-7307.

Directions to Shady Green Pastures: Get off I-69 at Potterville, exit 66. Go north, toward Potterville on Hartel Road (this will be a right turn if you are coming from Lansing, a left turn if you are coming from Charlotte or points south). After one fifth of a mile, turn left onto Vermontville Highway. Drive 6 miles then turn at a slight right onto Clinton Trail, heading Northwest. After 1.4 miles, turn slight left onto West Gresham Highway. Drive 3.2 miles to Shady Green Pastures, 5841 W Gresham Hwy.

For questions, suggestions or to reserve a site or a cabin, contact: Kelli Brophy, 517-543-4685,

Sharing Library

If you are seeking Bible knowledge, but do not have money for many current books and tapes, your problems may be solved. The Sharing Library, a service ministry sponsored by Giving and Sharing, run by John D. Crissinger is an excellent source of books, audio tapes, and videos. Subjects covered include, the Bible, marriage, parenting, children’s books and videos, teen materials, music, history, creation, Hebrew roots, current events, sign language, other religions, etc. There is even some wholesome entertainment.

Borrowing is free, all you need do is pay for return postage. You may request a 12-page list of items from Church Bible Teaching Ministry (order code SHRLIB) or directly from Sharing Library, PO Box 581, Granville, OH 43023-0581. — NSE

Cheating God Out of Christianity

The Church of God, An International Community has produced an excellent on-site documentary about the Bible filmed in Israel. There is a segment available to be viewed on their web site:

It compares Christmas to the actual birth of Christ. This segment is interesting, yet very factual in explaining the chronology around the birth of Christ as it actually was. It begins:

We begin with the most familiar account of all—the first Christmas—or was it? Could it be that we have got it significantly wrong? Every year in the closing days of December the town of Bethlehem is filled with pilgrims acknowledging what they believe was the time of their Savior’s birth. But does the traditional Christmas story reflect what the Bible and certain facts of history tell us? You might be surprised….

This writer believes that this video is a good Christian work. David Hulme is skilled at this kind of presentation. Brethren from all groups might want to have it to show their friends. It would be nice if the Church of God, An International Community would let other groups show the program, and it would be nice if the other groups were humble enough to accept and use it. I believe the cause of Christ would be much better served this way. Unfortunately, the CoG-AIC still talks to its membership as if it is “the work” that Christ is doing. Nevertheless, that should not stop any believer from obtaining a copy of this video and showing it to friends to use it to stimulate Bible learning and discussion. A copy is available for $7.95 from Vision, PO Box 90607, Pasadena, California 91109-0607; 888-777-7203; web:   e-mail: — NSE

Barnabas Ministries Web Site Reaches One Million Milestone in 2001; Plans Bible Study CD

The Bible Study Internet Web Site at reached an important milestone in 2001. Last year the total number of times one of the site’s web pages were accessed (called a “page view”) around the world reached one million!

The number of “page views” a web site transmits is one of the primary ways of determining an Internet site’s popularity. Internet advertising agencies commonly use page view numbers to determine ad rates.

Barnabas Ministries and its founder Alan Ruth have also embarked on what Mr. Ruth calls the most significant project he has so far undertaken (other than the website). Work has already begun on a Bible Study CD-rom that will not only aid Christians in their study of the Bible but which will also be tailored for preaching the gospel to the world.

The new Bible Study CD-rom will be called “The Bible Study Toolbox”. It will contain at least 20 standard reference works such as Strong’s Concordance, Nave’s Topical Bible, the King James Version Bible, The Two Babylons, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and Easton’s Bible Dictionary. The CD will also contain a book or two that has played a role in church theology such as Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright by J. H. Allen. More than 100 church of God articles, arranged by topic, will also be included on the CD.

Users of the study CD will be able to view two articles or books at the same time using the Internet Web browsing program (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator) already on their computers. Each book put on the CD will also be available on the website.

Mr. Ruth stated that the potential evangelistic purpose of the study CD is the most exciting part of the project. “The church of God has in the past had success with preaching the gospel using magazines and television. We need however to change with the times and add other tools to our outreach.” Mr. Ruth went on to say “What I propose is to distribute the Bible Study CD like we do magazines in supermarkets, doctor’s offices, for new guests to our fellowships and alike.

The CD will be tailored for distribution by an individual fellowship group, outreach or organization by altering the printing on the CD sleeve/label, the CD’s main Web page and some of the CD’s contents. Raw costs will be low given blank CDs cost less than 20 cents bulk. My dream is that we in the church distribute the CD just like how America Online has done to advertise its service.” (America Online, and its foreign affiliates, is one of the largest Internet content providers in the world with millions of users. It grew in size due to its offer of free hours of Internet access made possible by its free software distributed first on diskettes, then on CD-roms.). Mr. Ruth hopes to make available the CD to church of God people around the Fall of this year.

All books on the CD will also be available on the website, available directly at:

The site showcases more than 225 articles/research papers and more than 370 audio messages by 100 different authors, fellowship groups and organizations. Although operated by one person in his spare time, the Web site is the largest, most visited Internet presence in the church of God.

— Alan Ruth
Barnabas Ministries, PO Box 3393, Farmington Hills, MI. 48333, USA

Kosher HAMs Wanted

In light of the current events, it would be just prudent to set up a line of communications between licensed Radio Amateurs [HAMs] in the CoGs, regardless of group affiliation. To arrange for bands, gfc. and mode of operation, CW or SSB please contact Len Labunetz, VE3QBH, 52 Peach Willoway, North York, Ont. M2J 2B6, Canada; e-mail:

— Len Labunetz

Using SN Statement of Beliefs

I have quoted your Statement of Beliefs here and given credit plus a link:

— Gary Geiser

[I am quite happy that people use some of what I wrote to help teach truth to others. It would be wonderful if thousands or millions did it. — NSE]

Two Ways for Singles to Meet

In order to offer some encouragement (and hopefully increase the Sabbath Singles Connection membership base), I’ve added a “SSC Success Stories and Comments” section to the website. I shall eventually put it in printed form for our members who cannot access the Internet. See the new addition at: and click on the pink “success stories and comments” box.

I received the following e-mail from Clyde Kilough, the UCG pastor in Sacramento California. It may be of interest to you:

Being a single in the Church presents some challenges in today’s world. A rising tide of immorality in most western nations can begin to wear single Christians down with thoughts of just giving in to blend in with the world. Like their married counterparts in the Church, singles stand out in a world that has lost its moral bearings. Coping with that pressure along with the desire to share their thoughts and experiences with other singles who have the same morals and religious beliefs brings a desire in many singles for a means to connect mentally and emotionally with others. We are happy to unveil a new website devoted to singles in the Church. The site is designed to be an educational and inspirational site to help singles. There are plans for resources like Bible Studies, sermons and seminar materials as well as reviews of books that may be of interest to singles. There are bulletin boards announcing activities for both young and older singles, and a section devoted to singles activities at past and upcoming Feasts. By registering on the site others will be able to send you e-mail messages without us ever displaying your e-mail address. It will be up to you to decide if you want to answer any messages sent from the site. And lastly, there is a Q&A section.

So if you are a single in the Church, why not visit to see if there is something that will help you. Or visit to post information about upcoming singles events (Young Adults and Singles in the Middle) or to submit material you have found helpful in your walk as a single Christian. It may be a tremendous gift to another single somewhere.

All Sabbatarian singles can participate in Sabbath Singles Connection free of charge. Contact:

— Mike Kawasaki
PO Box 647, Biggs, Calif. 95917

Good Source of Bible Info

Looking for a good source of Bible articles you can share with others and make additional copies if necessary? Those with Internet access (or who are willing to go to a library to get it) can find many such articles on Bill Bratt’s web pages:

The icog.html page is the newsletter page for the Independent Church of God. You can e-mail Bill Bratt at: — NSE

Celts in Central Turkey

An interesting article appeared in the Science section of the December 25th New York Times, entitled: Archaeologists Find Celts in Unlikely Spot: Central Turkey by John Noble Wilford. It explained how archeological findings near the city of Gordion show that thousands of Celtic people lived there in the 3rd century BC. There is a good chance that many of them were still there in the first century when Paul wrote his letter to the Galatians.

While there is much evidence that the Celtic people are part of the “lost 10 tribes” of Israel, it is not clear whether these people were Israelites who were still on their way migrating northward in Europe, or whether they had gone to Europe and then came back for some reason. In either case, it further submits the links between the Celts and Middle-Eastern peoples.


Lost Races of the Ancient World Soon to Publish

Craig White is in the final editing stages and seeking help to publish his book, Lost Races of the Ancient World, a book that attempts to find the modern descendants of the nations mentioned in the Bible. He is still looking for a publisher or help with self publishing. Anyone interested and able to assist is encouraged to contact him: Craig White, GPO Box 864, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia; e-mail:

Each chapter has a section at the front advising the reader of a list of points to be covered within the chapter. At the rear of the chapters a recommended reading list is added followed by the endnotes. The book contains 29 charts. The outline is as follows:


An introduction to the subject matter; discusses researchers and writers on the subject of Genesis 10, the need to keep the flame of this truth alive and how to approach the subject.

1. The Incredible Bio-Diversity of Mankind

The chapter discusses the concept of race, nations and tribes and their taxonomy. Physical characteristics are delved into: skull types, hair, eyes, skin, blood groups.

2. The Mysterious Table of Nations

Bible origins of the races, the concept of the baptism of the earth by floods; how all nations descend from Adam and later through Noah. The structure and meaning of the Table of Nations and the typology of bulls. How Noah’s three sons fore-type prophecies for the nations.



3. The Roots of the Turkic and Arab Peoples

The Turkish peoples shown to be descendants of Edom/Esau with primary reference to Teman. Gog, a descendant of Edom is discussed and his modern location identified. Ishmael’s descendants, Arabs, Jordanians, etc., researched.

4. Mediterranean, North African and Black African identity

The Phoenicians, various nations of Africa including the Africoids, pygmies, bushmen, Hottentots origins documented.

5. The Descendants of Cush

Cush proven to have two branches: eastern and western. Cush’s various sons such as Seba, Sabteca, Raamah, etc., traced primarily to exotic locations.

6. The Other Descendants of Cush

Nimrod identified with Lugalzaggisi; the scattering of his empire; the mysterious Sukkim; land and peoples of the Colchis (adjacent
to the Black Sea); Australian Aboriginals; Egyptian connection to Australia anciently?



7. Dodanim and Tarshish

The people descended from Dodanim traced and located. Their anthropology discussed. This chapter demonstrates that Tarshish had western and eastern branches. Hebrew contact with Japan.

8. The Russians and Finno-Ugric Peoples

Where are the modern-day descendants of Madai, Meschech, Tubal today? Who are the Finn-Ugric peoples scattered in northwest Russia, eastern Finland, Estonia and Hungary?

9. The Peoples of China and Southeast Asia

Magog, Kittim, Gomer, etc., all proven to be east Asian peoples.

10. What Happened to the Descendants of Elishah and Tiras?

These people are not easy to trace, but trace them I did. You will be surprised at who they are today on our planet.



11. The Peoples of Northern Europe

A thorough discussion of Arphaxad and Aram. The descendants, including Joktan, mysterious Ophir.

12. The Origin of the White Russians and Balts

Abraham had a concubine, Keturah. The Mitanni, Medans, Brahmins, Balts are traced back to Abraham.

13. Modern Identities of the descendants of Elam and Lud

Ancient Elam compared to modern nations, including place-names, tribes, etc. Who could his descendants be today?

14. The Assyrians in the Modern World!

A lot of space has been spent discussing the Assyrians in this book. Why?, one may ask. This will become self-evident, but they are a very important and dominant people in the ancient Middle East and impact upon Israel to such a degree, that they must be traced and their descendants identified.

14.1. Mysterious Origin of the Assyrians

14.2. The Fearsome Assyrians and their Migrations Into Central Europe

14.3. The Hittite Empire and the Modern Assyro-Hittites

14.4. What is Germany’s Destiny?

The identity of Assur is identified; his exploits in the years after Babel; his character, empire and descendants all discussed. After his empire fell, his descendants were driven out of the Middle East and I trace them on their journey to where they reside today. Given their ancient history and history over the past few centuries, what is their future?

Appendix 14.1 A List of Important Biblical References to the Assyrians

Appendix 14.2 A List of Researchers Who Believe in the Assyrian or Hittite Origins of the Germans

Appendix 14.3 The Khattie Tribe of North-West India

15. Israel—Descendants of Arph-axad

After going into captivity, most of the peoples of Israel disappear from view—what became of them and what is their future?

Concluding Remarks





Craig White has already received a number of positive comments from other researchers in this field. Here are some of them:

“Your book has a lot of valuable information” and “I feel you have a valuable contribution to make to understanding the history of the world” — Dr Terry Blodgett, PhD

“Thank you for letting me read your manuscript. It is very good” (verbal comments) — Dr Hermann Hoeh, PhD.

I recently finished [reading] your book “Who are the Germans?” I have a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in History, and from a professional point of view, I was very impressed with your work. I was especially impressed with your documentation. As you know in a work of this type, it is crucial to document sources” — Calvin Lashway, MA.

“I have been spending time with your book… I am most impressed with the thoroughness and sheer quantity of your research” — Dr Ralph Levy, PhD.

“It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to finally meet you [via e-mail]… years ago, when we still had the AC Library, I came across your manuscript on the Assyrians, entitled: “The Assyrians in the Modern World”… I was sufficiently impressed to make a copy of it for my own library” — Emanuel Maidanos, MA.

“Got your manuscript and have been reading through it. You’ve done a fantastic job… Your synthesis is the best I have found. Even better than Custance’s work. You make ‘Noah’s Three Sons’ look like an introduction… your book is a goldmine of information… you have been very thorough in your compilation… your book is a book to be read over and over again” — Ross S Marshall, origin of nations researcher.

“It appears to me that what you have done is the most thorough and comprehensive job on this subject that I have seen. I think it will be a valuable reference tool and I really appreciate your hard work.” — John Ogwyn

“I should first say that the volume and scope of your work is overwhelming… the size of the manuscript is impressive, it is also daunting… I found sections 1–2 of Chapter 14 [on Assyria] the most interesting and enjoyable. You bring out numerous ties and connections which I have never seen before. Thank you for setting down the essence of your considerable research in this area so others can share” — Dr Rick Sherrod, PhD.

(Another positive comment, currently misplaced) — Dr Doug Winnail.

It is probably a blessing that no one Church of God group is publishing this book, as that would make it difficult for the others to use it. An independent publishing effort will make it much easier for all Church of God groups (Sabbatarian and otherwise) to use and recommend this book. While I would not say that this is the “last word” on the explanation of Biblical nations, it is the best single reference I know about. Mr White actually believes the Bible is accurate. By contrast, many historians treat the Bible like other historic writings: they assume that its writers may not have known what they were talking about and that they would exaggerate and make themselves look better than they are. Also, Craig White is free of the “serpent’s seed” and other erroneous doctrines held by some Biblical researchers who believe salvation is only available to certain races. — NSE


Send Us Your News!

Believe it or not, publication editors are not people who automatically “know what’s going on”. The only way we know about significant events is by somebody telling us, by reading a publication or by asking various groups what they are planning. We simply do not have time to contact numerous groups before each issue to get their current news. We receive a lot of publications, but cannot read all of them. Many groups do not have a publication.
The most effective way for us to provide timely news is for you to send an announcement 2 to 3 months before a special event takes place, or send a report a week or so after it occurs. Thank you very much for your help.


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