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July/Aug 2001

Possible Correction to David J. Smith Letter—You Decide

In an answer to a letter (Nov/Dec 2000 Servants’ News, page 23), I stated “David J. Smith teaches he is ‘the one group’ that is doing God’s work.”

I have since received a few letters and
e-mails challenging this statement. Indeed Mr. Smith has produced tapes and doctrinal statements indicating that the members of his organization are just one of many groups that make up the spiritual church of God. This is a good and positive thing. I believe it is better than other organizations that clearly claim that they are the only or main group that God is using.

My comments were based upon my reading of Mr. Smith’s own letters. During the mid 1990’s, he was claiming that the great tribulation was soon to begin and that Texas would be the place of safety. He encouraged people to move to Texas for protection. I know a number of people did move there—and then later moved back.

I concluded that he thought his was ‘the one group’ from the boldface parts of his own letter, at right. He said that Satan was opposing God’s work and that his headquarters was the center of such opposition. He further clearly said that God called for an ingathering of saints “under my [Mr. Smith’s] leadership”.

When times are uncertain, some people want to hear a man who seems to know what is going to happen, who is doing the work of God and who is going to be protected. But when we read the old letters of these prophetic ministries, it is easy to see that they are not quite as knowledgeable of the future as their letters implied.

As David J. Smith teaches truth from the Bible and encourages people to look to God, he is doing a good work. When he reports facts not commonly reported by the news media, he is doing a good work. When he expounds doctrines, prophecy, dreams or conspiracy theories that are false, he is doing a bad work. The more the bad work is mixed in with the good work, the less the value of the good work. Some of his past teachings turned out to be wrong and I believe some of his present teachings are wrong also—but I do not have the time to study and write about them in detail.

God will judge everyone’s work. Trust God. Don’t follow a man.


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The Church of God Evangelistic Assn.
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Newswatch Magazine
Editor David J. Smith

Dear Brethren:

Since the Bible is spiritually discerned by those who have God’s Holy Spirit, conversations can sometimes be thought of as weird by an unconverted mind (1 Cor. 2:7–16). We know that Satan and his cohorts called demons have been around a long time. Before Lucifer’s fall because of the sin of pride, he was dedicated to God’s service. He and the 1/3rd of the angels that rebelled were taught much of the technology that God uses to uphold the universe, travel in space from planetary system to planetary system, etc. They know their stuff.

It should be NO surprise to us when we read that Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2). Satan can select certain people to whom he can give secrets. Some of these secrets fall into the hands of Illuminati agents or people who work for them unknowingly As a result, many inventions are used for evil and not good. Weather control is one of those items.

I started reporting on weather control and modification years ago—sometime in the 1980s. Tesla had around 900 Patents concerning electricity and weather modification. He made Thomas Edison look like a kindergartner. Starting in the winter of 1976–77, extremes in cold and warmer weather began. There have always been drought cycles. That’s not what I’m referring to in this case. I mean OBVIOUS radical extremes like the summer of 1980. That was recorded as the hottest summer on record. Weather bureaus were frustrated because of high weather patterns that were stopped dead still over Texas and the Midwest with NO logical explanation.

Extremely low frequency magnetic wave generators were working by the Soviet Union and the United States. Now listen very carefully to TV weather people. They don’t know WHY rain is everywhere except in a circle of about 100 miles with Dallas/Waxahachie, Texas as the central focus of this intense heat. If people only knew the spiritual battles going on invisibly, then it would make sense.

God created man in His image to be conformed to the image of His Son. God is working through His church to reproduce sons, We are to inherit ALL THINGS [the universe] as co-heirs with Christ (Rom. 8:17; Heb. 1:2; Rev. 21:7). Satan hates the very thought that he has been defeated and will eventually be destroyed. Jesus Christ and the saints will replace him as ruler over the vast creation.

In the Bible it is recorded that demons said to some unconverted Jews who were trying to cast them out “Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you?” [paraphrased]. In other words Satan knows God is working in the earth through certain human beings and will stop at nothing to thwart their plans and activities. God has called for “an ingathering of saints from a Western state” under my leadership. NO MAGGIE, THERE IS NO CHAPTER AND VERSE PROPHESYING THIS, ONLY GOD’S VISION AND DIRECT THOUGHTS PUT INTO MY MIND AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO HEARD IT STATED ON WORLDWIDE SHORTWAVE RADIO TEN DAYS BEFORE GOD EVER STIRRED ME UP TO GO TO WHERE THE INGATHERING WOULD BE!! THEN HE SENT SIX DREAMS AND VISIONS TO OTHER CHURCH MEMBERS UNKNOWN TO EACH OTHER TO CONFIRM I THAT I WAS NOT MAKING UP SOMETHING OR HAD SOME BAD PIZZA!

Satan wants to discourage any who are planning on coming with this unusual heat. He wants to cause discomfort to those who have come so as to discourage them. Too bad Satan, we KNOW Who we serve and WHY we came. You are defeated by the death and resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ.

Since stepping out in faith and responding to the call, God has increased the ministry 770% in the radio/TV/shortwave outreach. People who are here are happy as a whole. Satan certainly knew Job and asked permission to afflict him. He knew Peter because Jesus said Satan wanted to sift him. Satan always had a demon follow Paul as a thorn in the flesh. Do we think Satan does not know US whom God has chosen to witness and warn this nation of the coming disasters if the nation does not repent? He knows, and he will take your crown if you let him. He will persecute the woman if God permits. Satan hates!

In Christ’s love

David J. Smith


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