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May/June 2001

Trucker’s Bible StudyTrucker's Bible Study

Oak Grove, Mo., #79-81

The Trucker’s Bible Study is conducted weekly at the Texaco truck stop on I-70, Oak Grove, Missouri by Arlo Gieselman, often assisted by Lenny Cacchio, the writer of this series.
May 13, 2001

Today we had a family of three—a husband, wife, and their 15-year-old son. Another trucker who was in the lounge when I arrived decided to stay for the Bible study, and ended up staying the full two hours and said he would come again if he is passing through.

I was fascinated by this family and their depth of understanding and dedication. I began with a short talk about Pentecost, which is designed to introduce the Holy Days, and perceived immediately that they were way ahead of me. They had studied this subject previously and had picked up on some curious wording that indicates that the Holy Days are for all time. They also understood that the days outline God’s plan and all point in one way or another to Jesus Christ. So we were able to talk about Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles and be on the same wavelength about them.

The wife of the family was able to lend some wisdom to the lone driver relative to dealing with stress (“you don’t want to have less stress, you want to ask God to help you handle and learn from the stress”). She related how trials help us grow and trust God more fully, and mentioned that they had lost a son who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion, but how this trial helped them appreciate each other and our loving Father even more.

In fact, it was almost uncanny that this woman brought up two other subjects that the first driver and I discussed privately before the family arrived having to do with personal issues, giving possible solutions to his questions and concerns. She had no way of knowing that he and I had talked about them before and didn’t even know that they were a concern of his. I watched the other truck driver’s facial expression, then told the lady that she had no way of knowing this, but that she was an answer to a prayer.

Their son was an amazing young man with insight into several issues that I must work into a message some time relative to waiting on God to work things out in His own way rather than trying to work them out on our own. His short message was about the story of Jacob and Esau, and how God might have worked things out had Jacob not taken it upon himself to steal Esau’s birthright.

I came home encouraged today in seeing how God seems to be working with people one on one. There are some people to whom God is a daily reality and who strive to walk with him in all they do.

May 27, 2001

Today was a little unusual in it being Pentecost, and we were joined today by David Antion who was in Kansas City as our guest this weekend.

Two truck drivers attended as well. We had a friendly discussion on a number of topics, but the real value of these studies is in providing a place for the drivers to go and talk about what is on their minds. Although we talked about a number of different topics, one of the men had an insight into 1 Corinthians 11 that I found to be interesting. I had just given a brief discussion on the Holy Days and how they point to God’s plan. He read through part of the chapter and then came to verse 29 and read, “he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgement to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body.” His belief here is the term “Lord’s body” refers to the church, and his belief that there are not more healings because we do not allow ourselves to properly discern the spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ, and therefore are not tuned into who might have the gift of healing. It’s interesting to me that this somewhat fits the context of the verse because 1 Corinthians 12, the very next chapter, is about spiritual gifts.

One of our drivers today goes to a “freewill” Baptist church, and while I didn’t ask the other, it appeared to me that he is of Pentecostal background based upon some the things he believes relative to religious practice and his take on spiritual gifts. His speech was salted with terms such as “the Lord told me to do this,” and “the Lord told me to do that.” I asked how the Lord talks to him, and he admitted that he doesn’t hear an audible voice, but thoughts come into his mind and he tries to follow it. His problem is in discerning whether the thought is really from God or if it is just himself.

The main benefit of today’s study was to provide a place for these men to talk and fellowship. I also hope that we were able to plant a few seeds relative to the Holy Days and encouragement to pray, study, and coming to know God better.

[1 Corinthians 11:27 states that “whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord”. This sounds more like being guilty of His death. But verse 29 could indeed be referring to our failure to see what His Body (the church?) is doing now. I have met others who understand this verse this way. Also, I hope that the man attending this study and the many other Christians who say “the Lord told me to do this” will learn to discern when God is speaking to them and when He is not. I have seen a lot of foolish things done by people who thought God was speaking to them when He was not. — NSE]

June 17, 2001

It is well to remember Paul’s comment that one man sows and another reaps. At last week’s study, Arlo told me, a fellow mentioned that someone (we don’t know who) had introduced him to the Sabbath and he could see the sense of it. He quizzed Arlo about it and of course he couldn’t have picked a better man. So our modest truck stop ministry was in the position of watering someone else’s planting. As I think back, we have had at least a half dozen instances over the past four years where this has happened.

In addition, Arlo has the habit of leaving booklets and pamphlets lying around with his phone number on them, and one made its way to a lady in Hays, Kansas. He received a call this week from her, and she mentioned that she discovered the Sabbath about four years ago and asked if we could provide her with locations of Sabbath keeping churches in her area.

And today, we had a driver with whom we have visited a number of times and with whom we have discussed the Sabbath a number of times, and he asked if we could provide him a directory of Sabbath keeping groups. We are going to direct him to the Bible Sabbath Association for the information he needs.

I mention these three instances because they illustrate that things take time, but in fact fruit is borne in due time. We have pretty much decided that we are going to mention the Sabbath every week in the sense of putting it on the table and offer more information if there is an interest—not in the sense of beating people over the head with it, but just seeing if the soil is fertile.

It is interesting that one of the drivers today had a book with him entitled “If you want to walk on water, then you’ve got to get out of the boat”, by John Orthberg. He read excerpts from it, and it is based on the premise that we need to step out on faith as Peter did even if it means getting out of our comfort zones. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zones in our approach to evangelism. It’s a book I intend to buy.

Today’s contingent consisted of five truck drivers, one wife of a driver plus their two small children, and another small daughter of another driver. We talked through a number of items, including faith and healing, and we also touched on prophecy. Prophecy is an area I once thought I knew inside out, but I now know better than to be dogmatic about it. These days I emphasize the fact of Jesus Christ’s return and the good news that follows. While acknowledging the tribulation, I remind people that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. The world is in need of hope, and we have the words of hope to share.

 —Lenny Cacchio; 705 NE Bryant Drive, Lees Summit, Missouri 64068

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