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May/June 2001


Partial Literature List

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Items New This Issue:

Mature Literature:

The Passover Controversy, by Sanford Beattie, 40 pages. An explanation of the Old Testament Passover and difficulties with Fred Coulter’s book, The Christian Passover.

Basic Literature:

A New Life, by Norman Edwards, 2-page tract. Basic message of repentance from sin, baptism and a new life in Christ.

Wake Up To God! by Norman Edwards, 2-page tract. Scriptures for believers in distress who want to be stirred to grow in grace and knowledge.

Study Resources and Information:

“Free Church” Article Reports, 50 pages. Articles about avoiding church incorporation from Linden Baptist Church, Indiana; New Testament Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida; and The Rutherford Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Interdependent-Interactive, Church of God, Sabbath Services, Bible Studies, and Open Fellowship, Plus This Newsletter by Laura Lee, 24 pages. News and articles from Bismark, North Dakota.

Sound Systems for Services, by Norman Edwards, 14 pages. Determine what kind of sound equipment you need and know how to use it — even with a limited budget. Useful to the novice as well as the experienced “sound-person”.

Highly Recommended Items Listed Every Issue:

Assembling on the Sabbath by Norman S. Edwards, 16 pages. An exposition of the scriptures regarding our need to fellowship on the Sabbath and how to do it.

Biblical Calendar Basics by Norman S. Edwards, 10 pages. Introduction to the issues about the Biblical and Hebrew calendars (beginning of months, years, postponements etc.)

God, I’ve Got a Problem, by Morris Kerry. Bible help for the depressed, tempted, guilty, worried, lonely, afraid, bored, disappointed, bitter, doubtful, proud and dying.

How Do We Give to the Eternal? by Richard Tafoya & Norman Edwards, 36 pages. Biblical study of giving and tithing.

How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans? by Norman S. Edwards, 34 pages. How the KJV translators altered Scriptures about government to please King James and an analysis of what the Bible says about how we should govern in today’s congregations.

Starting a Local Congregation by Norman Edwards, 62 pages. A scriptural and physical basis for starting or improving a local congregation.

What Does the Bible Say About Eternal Judgment? by Norman Edwards, 83 pages. This is one of the six basic doctrines in Hebrews 6:1–2, but it is not frequently taught in our day.

Study Resources and Information

Freedom Biblical Information Center Catalog by Wayne Schatzle, 12 pages. Free, mostly Sabbatarian literature & tapes sources.

Giving and Sharing Order Form by Richard Nickels, 3 pages. Has many excellent free items, low prices on hard-to-find religious books, and fine literature on floppy disk.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God edited by Dixon Cartwright. One free sample issue. Best single source of news about Sabbath-keeping groups. 16 pages.

Servants’ News Statement of Receipts and Expenses, 2 pages.

Servants’ News Literature List, 24 pages.

Servants’ News Literature Subject Index, 51 pages. All articles & literature by subject.


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