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Mar/Apr 2001


Partial Literature List

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Items New This Issue:

Mature Literature:

Starting a Local Congregation, 40 pages by Norman Edwards. This paper has been five years in the making. Its original title was Starting a Sabbath Service, but it covers aspects of a congregation that go outside the service: how and why to organize a congregation, utilizing spiritual gifts, teaching, avoiding arguments, music and praise, speaking in tongues, prophesying, role of women, dress, formal organization, baptism, weddings, funerals, statements of beliefs, naming a group, finding a place to meet, local evangelism and more.

Basic Literature:

Scriptures About the Sabbath, 2 page tract by Norman Edwards. Old and New Testament verses about the Sabbath with only 20 sentences of commentary. Good for teaching the Sabbath to those who believe in the Bible but are not already opinionated about the Sabbath.

Miscellaneous Items of Limited Interest:

Bible Sabbath Musicians Association Membership Questionnaire, 3 pages by Robin Todd. All you need to join.

March 14, 1980 Letter to Rod Meredith from Herbert Armstrong, 4 pages. HWA explains why he did not want Meredith to be head of the Church—not faulting him for specific sins, but because Meredith was too "position conscious". (But did not HWA frequently claim to be the human head of all God's work worldwide?).


Items Introduced in the Previous Issue

Basic Literature:

The Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution, 10 pages. The Apostle Paul knew his rights under the law of his day as he traveled and taught Christ (Acts 16:37-40; 22:25-30; 25:11,16). These documents can help us know ours.

The Holy Scriptures, 400 pages, adapted by Rabon Vincent. The KJV Bible with Old English removed and some translation errors fixed. (The Bibles are being printed and should be shipped two weeks after you receive this. If you requested it before, you do not need to request it again.)

Living Room Church of God Directory Seventh Edition, 22 pages, edited by Robert Bodkin. Just updated, this is the final version (it will be only an Internet site in the future). A good list for those who are traveling or helping friends find an independent congregation.

Learning from the Proverbs, 12 pages by Duane Sholly. Helpful to people just reading through Proverbs or to those making a thorough study.

Mature Literature

Is Disfellowshipping a Christian Practice?, 12 pages by Arlan Weight. A gentle summary of Church of God disfellowshipping practices covering many related scriptures.

Study Resources & Information

Ambassador Report: Should Church of God Brethren Read it?, 10 pages by Eric Snow with comments by Norman Edwards. Two views for those trying to decide.

History Research Projects, 12 pages, by Craig White. This new greatly expanded version gives information on British Israelism and the biblical identity of nations.


Highly Recommended Items Listed Every Issue:

Mature Literature:

Assembling on the Sabbath by Norman S. Edwards, 16 pages. An exposition of the scriptures regarding our need to fellowship on the Sabbath and how to do it.

Biblical Calendar Basics by Norman S. Edwards, 10 pages. Introduction to the issues about the Biblical and Hebrew calendars (beginning of months, years, postponements etc.)

How Do We Give to the Eternal? by Richard Tafoya & Norman Edwards, 36 pages. Biblical study of giving and tithing.

How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans? by Norman S. Edwards, 34 pages. How the KJV translators altered Scriptures about government to please King James and an analysis of what the Bible says about how we should govern in today’s congregations.

What Does the Bible Say About Eternal Judgment? by Norman Edwards, 83 pages. What happens to people after they die? What about "bad" people? "Good" people? Unbelievers? Diligent believers? Lax believers? Read the many scriptures that answer these questions.

Study Resources and Information

Freedom Biblical Information Center Catalog by Wayne Schatzle, 12 pages. Free, mostly Sabbatarian literature & tapes sources.

Giving and Sharing Order Form by Richard Nickels, 3 pages. Has many excellent free items, low prices on hard-to-find religious books, and fine literature on floppy disk.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God edited by Dixon Cartwright. One free sample issue. Best single source of news about Sabbath-keeping groups. 16 pages.

Servants’ News Statement of Receipts and Expenses, 2 pages.

Servants’ News Literature List, 24 pages.

Servants’ News Literature Subject Index, 51 pages. All articles & literature by subject.


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