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Jan/Feb 2001

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations
This column includes information sent to us from a variety of groups. Servants’ News does not necessarily agree with the teachings or practices of these groups. Please ask about them before attending their functions.


KC Special Sabbaths

The Church of God Kansas City announces the following guest speakers. Everyone is invited.

May 26 & 27 (Pentecost weekend)—Guest speaker David Antion, Ph.D. Services will be at 2 p.m. on both days. Services on the 26th will be followed by a potluck meal. We meet at the Community of Christ Church (formerly Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church) at 31st and Crysler in Independence, Missouri.

Sunday, July 15—Ron Dart visits Kansas City for a “Meet the Teacher” presentation at the Adam’s Mark Hotel (I-70 and Blue Ridge Cutoff) at 1:30 p.m.

— Lenny Cacchio, 816-524-2442, e-mail:

Ron Dart Local Visits

Ronald L Dart will be speaking at these “Meet the Teacher” session:

May 12: Little Rock, Arkansas at the Holiday Inn Select (West Little Rock), located at 201 S. Shackleford (take the Shackleford exit off I-430N). For more information, please call John Beasley at 501-224-1883.

June 16: Cincinnati, Ohio at Christ, The Prince of Peace United Methodist Church, 10509 Colerain Ave. For more information, please contact Lee and Judy Creech at or call 513-385-6076.

Wall Street Journal on WCG vs PCG Suit

The February 21st Wall Street Journal carried a front page article about the legal implications of the Worldwide Church of God’s suit seeking to stop the Philadelphia Church of God from republishing Herbert Armstrong’s now out-of-print book, Mystery of the Ages. An appeals court reversed the original decision and, unless the Supreme court intervenes, the PCG must pay damages to the WCG for tithes and offerings they received as a result of members joining the PCG from reading the book. The WSJ article carried a rather lengthy background of the WCG and some information about its offshoots. This is probably the single most influential paper in the world.

The entire article was reprinted in The Journal, News of the Churches of God (p 1) along with four other articles commenting upon it by Bill Stough, Richard Nickels, Dave Havir and Norman Edwards (pp 1, 3, 11). I think this February issue of The Journal, News of the Churches of God is well worth reading (the other issues are, too). Subscriptions are available from PO Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755. Cost for six monthly issues: $12 USA, $14 international; twelve issues: $22 USA, $24 international.

— Norman Edwards

Biblical Holy Day Info

For several years, my wife has used a 600-page large book to help teach our children about Holy Days. A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays by Robin Scarlata Sampson is from Heart of Wisdom Publishing, 13503 Minion Street, Woodbridge VA 22192. They are not a Church of God group. The book costs $44.85 postage included in the USA. It comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. We know of several others who have purchased it—and none have returned it.

You can also obtain it by calling 800-266-5564 or by ordering online: The website contains many things of interest to Sabbath and Holy Day keepers.

— Norman Edwards

Children’s Bible Teaching

An internet mailing list has been set up for people interested in exchanging ideas for teaching Biblical principles to children. The information shared includes Bible studies and activities that can be taught in a group setting, or in teaching kids at home. To join, go to: group/Bible_Activities

Click on the option on the right hand side of the page that says Join This Group. If you have any questions, please e-mail Janine Krueger at

New Free Newsletter

Our free newsletter will be mailed the first week in March. If anyone who is not on our mailing list is interested in receiving it, please e-mail or snail mail your request to be put on our mailing list. Our address is: Darwin & Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, North Dakota 58502 and e-mail is

— Darwin & Laura Lee

Did Make a Difference

Yesterday, I sent notice of a change of e-mail address from “” to “” because of news reports that Yahoo had decided to enter the pornography market. Two of my addressees responded that Yahoo has rescinded and backed away from porn because of the overwhelming negative response from their customers. I have since read one of the news items to that effect so evidently it is true.

Shame on them for even considering it! But I am thankful that they have backed away, at least, and I will stay with Yahoo for now.

I wish I would have seen the news update before sending all of my address changes. However, this experience does demonstrate the change we have the power to bring about in our world if we will just do it!

— Arlean Kelley

50th National Day of Prayer in USA

Thursday, May 3rd
“One Nation Under God”

The National Day of Prayer began in 1952 with a joint resolution by Congress, signed by President Harry Truman. The law was amended in 1988 and signed by President Ronald Reagan, declaring the first Thursday of May to be the National Day of Prayer. The State of Michigan and the mayor of Perry have also proclaimed this to be a Day of Prayer.

What purpose does the National Day of Prayer serve now?

“At this crucial time in history, with the ‘politics of division’ creating widespread discord and strife, we encourage all people of faith to set aside their differences and publicly seek God’s wisdom and direction for their homes, communities and country.” These are the words of Shirley Dobson, Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, and wife of James Dobson, founder of the Focus on the Family ministry.

People of all different religious background continually meet together for business, political, sports, entertainment and other purposes. Such meetings can be informative and encouraging. The National Day of Prayer is for people who are serious about seeking God and encouraging others to do the same.

The Perry pastoral group is sponsoring three separate non-denominational events on May 3rd. Everyone is invited to attend any or all of them.

The above paragraphs are going to be in a newspaper ad and a handout to be distributed at the major grocery store in Perry, Michigan, my “home town”. This literature went on to give details of prayer breakfasts at the local schools, a noon half-hour prayer and song session and the City Hall, and an evening prayer and song service. I will be delivering a brief message at the evening service on how our nation was founded as a Christian nation, but without any state-sponsored church denomination—something that was common in Europe at the time.

I have been amazed at how the group of local pastors and I have worked together even though I have told them that we are a Sabbath-keeping group, that our group does not have a “pastor” or any “ordained” person, that we will not participate in their joint “Good Friday” service because we keep Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread, etc.

This is not part of an “ecumenical” movement. We do not get together for the purpose of merging doctrines or organizations, but to do the work that we can all agree upon.

The book of Acts and some of the Epistles show that the first century Church sometimes met in the temple and synagogues with Jews who did not accept Jesus (a significant doctrinal error). Nevertheless, these Jews did know the scriptures and praised and prayed to the same God. The believers were not afraid to meet among them and even listen to them in order that some might learn the truth that they had to share.

I believe that today is little different. We can best establish a relationship whereby people might listen to our teaching by working with others and recognizing that which they have right. The past Church of God approach too often was like: “we have all the truth and you have almost none and if we are to work together you must join us.” Preaching the truth usually stirs up enough religious animosity without us creating more by ourselves.

Is it possible that a person meeting with those that have some different beliefs could be negatively affected by it? Yes, it is possible. So the answer is found in Galatians 6:1, “Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.” Nobody should ever go to another group if they are not well enough grounded to maintain the truth that they understand.

It is quite possible that at some point I will be unwelcome because of what I believe, but that happened in the first century, too (John 16:2).

— Norman Edwards

Interest in Holy Days

My daughter, Mona, has been doing many fascinating interviews in her position as Religion Correspondent and general feature writer for the county paper. This week she discovered the evidence of an amazing trend among Sunday keepers here locally while arranging some interviews for upcoming articles in her paper. I was aware that this is cropping up around the country, but was surprised to find it even in Allegan, Michigan.

The local Catholic church is having a Passover Seder meal on “Maundy Thursday” evening. That would be, of course, when they thought Jesus’s last supper was. It wasn’t clear how long they have been doing this, but it isn't the first year. Then, while Mona was talking to the secretary at the Catholic church about this, another man happened by. Hearing the discussion, he mentioned that he personally, in his own home, has been celebrating Passover with a seder in his own extended family for many years. This man is Wesleyan. He noted that he had looked into it years ago, decided it was very meaningful especially for teaching the children, and has been doing it ever since. He, on the other hand, is having his on the Friday night before Easter.

I am guessing that he has made his own decision on when it would be logical to do it. Both he and the Catholics have obviously not clued in to the Jewish Calendar. They are trying to make sense of the timing via Good Friday/Easter Sunday. Thus if Jesus was the Passover Lamb, and the Jews were killing their lambs for the Seder at the same time, then the man has decided they must have been going to eat the seder that night. So I think he does it every year at the end of Good Friday.

So Mona has decided to create an article about the fascination among many Christian groups and ministries for learning about the Jewish roots of the Faith. She can include interviews with the Catholics, the Wesleyan fellow… and the Deweys.

She can also give a bibliography for folks interested in knowing more. Back in 1982 I found a book called “Celebrate the Feasts of Israel in Your Own Home and Church”, written by a Protestant minister’s wife, and another called “Christ in the Passover” written by the founders of Jews For Jesus. At the time, these were about the only resources for such information. They are still available at, but are now joined by quite a number of other books with the same theme. It seems like the initial interest is in Passover, but there is growing interest in all the Holy Days also. For instance, the Christ in the Passover book has a chart that shows the historical, christological and prophetic significance of all of the Holy Days. And it includes New Testament scriptural citations for each of the days. It differs in very little from what the WCG would have taught, except for the significance of the Last Great Day.

It is interesting that there is this almost sudden rush of interest in the topic after the WCG has fallen apart and its offshoots so unknown. Thus the idea of celebrating the Holy Days does not immediately have to be tied up to cult-like religion.

— Pam Dewey

Seeking Feast Information

Coordinators and others assisting for the upcoming 2001 Feast of Tabernacles are encouraged to send announcements for various Feast sites that you are coordinating or know of in or out of your area to The Churches of God Newsletter. This newsletter is an independent publication not affiliated with any church organization. These announcements will be printed in the newsletter, starting with the May/June issue, and continuing through the summer months.

Thank you in advance.

In Christian Love,

— Rick & Eileen Beltz, Co-Editors of The Churches of God Newsletter, P.O. Box 30272, Winston-Salem,
NC 27130-0272, USA; e-mail: or

[While you have that announcement ready, please send a copy to Servants’ News, PO Box 107, Perry Michigan 48872 or]

New HWA History Website

I have been asked on forums and in private emails many, many times in the past five years to provide documentation about a number of aspects of the history of the ministry of Herbert Armstrong. The same questions seem to arise again and again over time, as new people begin to doubt some of their old assumptions about the role of HWA.

I have kept archival email files of some of my responses to such inquiries in the past. But I have found that I have been frequently unable to find just the right quote quickly and easily, even to questions I have answered a number of times.

So in recent days I have decided to pull together some of the most oft-requested documentation into a simple website. That way it will be permanently available to those who might find it helpful, whether to answer their own questions or provide documentation to share with a friend or relative who has begun questioning what I have come to call the Myth of HWA.

This site is not the place to find the salacious details of some of the seamier history of the Armstrongs. There are plenty of websites out there already with such info. What I have wanted to do is let HWA “speak for himself” from old letters and articles about some matters which have confused many of his “apologists”. Some such folks came along into the COG movement so late, perhaps even after HWA’s death, that they have no real historical perspective on the progress and nature of his ministry at all. Others who have been around much longer may still have allowed their own illusions to build up a fog around what the man actually said and did in the earlier years of his ministry.

I will no doubt be adding more material to this website as time goes on. But it already includes enough material to keep most readers busy walking down memory lane with HWA for an hour or two. Servants’ News will make printed copies available at some point in the future.

Welcome to “The Myth and The Man: Questions About the Myth—Answers from the Man”.

— Pam Dewey

Need WCG Literature for Library

Many years ago I started a project to collect all of the WCG’s major literature. Much of this was accomplished back in 1986/87, and I have been filling in the gaps ever since. I have the CDs with much of this, but would like to complete my collection of hard copies.

Also, in the late 1980s I was in communication with someone who had all of the WNs on microfiche. Hopefully they have been placed on CD ROM by now. Is anyone aware of this at all? I lost contact with that person.

If anyone can assist or direct me to someone who can, that would be much appreciated. I can mail or e-mail a list of what I am missing.


— Craig White,, GPO Box 864, Sydney, NSW 2001


Send Us Your News!

Believe it or not, publication editors are not people who automatically “know what’s going on”. The only way we know about significant events is by somebody telling us, by reading a publication or by asking various groups what they are planning. We simply do not have time to contact numerous groups before each issue to get their current news. We receive a lot of publications, but cannot read all of them. Many groups do not have a publication.
The most effective way for us to provide timely news is for you to send an announcement 2 to 3 months before a special event takes place, or send a report a week or so after it occurs. Thank you very much for your help.


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