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Nov/Dec 2000

Port Austin Bible Center

Non-denominational Bible Teaching

Working To Teach the “…Ways of God”—God’s laws for life

By Warwick Potts, edited by Norman Edwards

Port Austin Bible Center’s facilities are located in one of the country’s most idyllic settings, just 1½ miles from the shores of beautiful Lake Huron. Port Austin Bible Center is the perfect place to come to study the Word of God.

With instruction and subject content coming together in an environment that encourages the student to have a mature and well-balanced comprehension of natural and spiritual matters. The Center is focused on helping to equip those who are wanting to allow the Holy Spirit to “…lead them into all Truth” and to then in turn share with and teach others.

This is an opportunity for anyone who would like to participate. Courses have been structured in such a manner as to allow for people, (individuals, families, or groups) to attend any and/or all of the thirty hour, modular courses being made available this year. Each course runs one week, each will be repeated three times. The courses offered this year are described below:

The Law of the Second Coming 101

Stephen Jones (30 hours)

April 9–13, June 4–8, Aug. 6–10

Stephen Jones will be teaching for the first time, from his latest book of the same name. A detailed and in-depth study of the Feast Days, established by God, along with all of their requirements and expectations, introduce the student to one of the most important ‘templates’ of timing to be found in the Scriptures.

For millennia men have been looking for an identifiable advent of intervention from the heavenlies with many and varied interpretations and understandings of prophetic Scripture being published and promoted. This study may show that in fact the keys to understanding this much sought event has been spoken of and it’s plan laid out for generations within the timing of festival days given by God to Moses.

Course Overview:

Israel’s Prophetic Spring Feasts

Jesus Crucified at Passover; the eclipses of that day

The Wave-Sheaf Offering; how did Jesus fulfill the Wave-Sheaf Offering?

The Feast of Pentecost (“Weeks”)

The importance of Timing and Historic fulfillment

The Feast of Trumpets

The Two Resurrections

Not all Christians are raised at the First Resurrection

Christians will be held accountable; God’s Servants Scourged; The Parable of the Talents

The Resurrection of the Righteous; The Purpose of Bodily Resurrection

The Earths Baptism of Fire

The Day of Atonement and Jubilee

The Fiftieth Jubilee from Adam

Israel’s inheritance in Canaan; The Ten Spies’ Evil Report

The Power of Forgiveness

Jacob’s Feast Day Pattern

Jacob at Bethel; Why was Jacob financially ‘broke’?

Jacob in Haran; Jacob at Mahanaim

Jacob at Peniel; Jacob at Succoth (Booths)

The Feast Days in the Book of Joel

Blowing the Trumpet; The Call to Repentance

The Former and the Latter Rains

Pouring out His Spirit

The Feast Days in Elijah’s Story

The Famine in the Land

Elijah’s Passover and Pentecost Patterns

Elijah’s Feast of Trumpets Pattern; Elijah’s Day of Atonement Pattern

Elijah’s Feast of Tabernacles Pattern

The Feast of Tabernacles

The Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles

Solomon Celebrates the Feast of Tabernacles

A Short Chronological History under Ezra

Ezra Celebrates the Feast of Tabernacles

The 490-Year Link with the Apostle Paul

Waving the Palm Branches at Tabernacles

Jesus observes Tabernacles; In the Midst of the Feast

The Eighth Day of Tabernacles

Prophetic Temple Ceremonies at Tabernacles

The Eight Signs in the Gospel of John

The Law of the Second Coming 102

Stephen Jones (30 hours)

May 7–11, July 9–13 Sept. 3-7

Course Overview:

Presenting the Firstborn

The Law of the Eighth Day Circumcision

The Firstborn of Unclean Animals

Ishmael the Wild Donkey

The Glory Manifests on the Eighth Day

Offering Strange Fire

God’s Face is God’s Presence

The Face of Moses

The Angel of His Presence

Paul’s Commentary on God’s Face

The Three Veils in the Temple

Faith and Positive Thinking

Paul’s Commentary on Gideon’s Army

Paul’s commentary on the Two Tents

The Ministry of Reconciliation

The Earth Full of His Glory

The Two Works of Christ

The Cleansing of Lepers (Leviticus 14)

Ceremonial Washings were Baptisms

Three Baptisms and Three Feast Days

Jesus’ Baptism and Wilderness Testing

The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16)

Two Doves and Two Goats Compared

Jesus’ Baptism on the Day of Atonement

Christ Comes of Judah and Joseph

Samson’s Riddle: The Dead Lion Brings Honey

Joseph: The Sonship Message

Judah, Joseph, and Benjamin

The House of Joseph in Prophecy

How Israel Became Lost

Benoni-Benjamin and Bethlehem-Ephratah

Caleb and Joshua

The Sign of Jonah

Jonah’s First Call to Preach

Jonah’s Second Call to Preach

Reconciling All Nations

Deliver Us From Evil

Putting Christ’s Second Coming into Perspective

The Real Rapture

The First Law of Christ’s Coming

Patterns in Exodus 19 of Christ’s Coming

Patterns in Exodus 24 of Christ’s Coming

How Do We Meet the Lord?

The Catching Away (Harpazo)

The Meaning of Peter’s Harpazo

The Meaning of Phillip’s Harpazo

The Meaning of the Manchild’s Harpazo

Meeting the Lord in the Air and in the Clouds

Where Will We Ever Be With the Lord?

Who Will Be Taken, and Who Will Be Left?

When Will Every Eye See Him?

The Unveiling and the New Covenant

The Law of the Manchild

The Image of God

Begotten From Above

The Feast Days Manifest the Pregnancy

The Marriage of our Soul to God

The Law of Deuteronomy 25:5-10

The Story of Ruth

Raising up Seed in Christ’s Image


The Laws of Redemption & Restoration – 101

Warwick Potts (30 hours)

April 16-20, June 11-15, Aug. 13-17

The overall purpose of this course is to deliver to the student the recognition and the understanding of the Sovereignty of God. Through careful study of God’s Law the student will begin to see the ‘Plan’ of God as it has unfolded throughout history from a Biblical perspective, and with an investigation of the impact of Biblical Laws in the affairs of men, we can begin to comprehend the will and plan of God for mankind today.

The student will be introduced to a study that clearly shows that everything is orderly; nothing happens by accident; men do not determine history; God does.

Nations rise and fall according to His decrees, no monarch or other ruler of people stands above the Law of God, nor can they withstand the irreversible judgment of God when the day of his visitation has arrived.

Course Overview:

The Law of Jubilee (Restoration)

Has any part of the Law been “put away”?

Paul, and being “under the Law”

The Law of Redemption

The Law of Jubilee; Understanding forgiveness

Lawful time periods

God’s Lawful obligation to and requirement to forgive

Forgiveness in history

The Overcomer, forgiveness and keeping the Jubilee

Basic Bible chronology

120 Jubilees and the Holy Spirit

The two floods; Solomon’s Temple

The Day of Pentecost—Acts chapter 2

Moses’ prophetic life

The Law’s requirement regarding Noah’s flood

The Cleansing Laws of childbirth

‘Cursed’ time

For the Earth and Canaan

For Egypt; For Amalek and Saul

‘Judged’ time

For Israel; Looking for the Jubilee

The cleansing of Jerusalem

Babylon conquered

The Law of Cleansing

The Enemies of the Sanctuary

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

The cleansing of the Priesthood

The Laws of Redemption & Restoration – 102

Warwick Potts (30 hours)

May 14-18, July 16-20, Sept. 10-14

This course continues with the study of history and the effect of God’s lawful timing where the affairs of men are concerned. Detailing the ancient historic events that occurred by Divine intention and direction, this study shows how these events give clues to the understanding of God’s dealings with mankind in the context of contemporary history.

By studying the Biblical Laws and their impact in history the student will learn to see the events of modern history and those of the present day, no longer in the light of happenstance, probability or chance but rather as the outworking of the Divine Plan effected by the very laws established by the Creator from the beginning.

The Birth of Jesus

When was Jesus born?

Roman History: The context of Jesus’ Birth

Jesus and Moses: A Prophetic Parallel

John’s Ministry Begins

When Did Jesus begin His Ministry?

Daniel’s 70 weeks ended in 33AD

Cursed Time for Babylon and Mystery Babylon

Israel “Sold” to Babylon for eight years

God’s Requirements: The Fruits of the Kingdom

Babylon’s Liability in Long-term prophecy

The Feet of Iron and Clay

Prophecies fulfilled by the Israeli State

Chosen Status

Jacob and Esau

The Cursed Fig Tree

The Law of Fruit-bearing Trees

Three 40-year Trial Periods

Judah and Jerusalem

The Trial of the Church

The Trial of the Overcomers

Tribulation and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Jeremiah’s Prophecy

Under Laban

Jacob’s first and second time of trouble

Israel’s first and second time of trouble

Separation from Judah

The 14th Jubilee

The Remnant Shall Return

Jacob’s Trouble Fulfilled in the Modern Nations

Britain and America

The Songs of Degrees

Jubilee Savings time

Why Britain and America

The ‘Lost Sheep’ found

Judaism or Christianity

True Jews and True Israelites

Other World events in Bible Prophecy


World War II

The Ten Years after the Jubilees

The Great Babylonian Captivity in the 20th Century

The 2,520-year Cycle

The 76-year Cycle

Esau receives dominion

The rebuilding of Herod’s Temple

The Debt-Note Given to the Overcomers

What is an Overcomer?

The Law of the Spirit of Life (the Tabernacle) – 101

Rudy Jones (30 hours)

April 23-27, June 18-22, Aug. 20-24

A course designed to introduce the student to the ageless secrets of the Tabernacle of God and to help them to discover the personal identity that they have with the “dwelling place of God”.

The purpose of this course is not to look at the Tabernacle in particular, or the Bible in general for a lesson in history; our purpose is to find in the Scriptures the application for today and every day, and for every event and circumstance in life.

This is a study of the Tabernacle and all of the accompanying Lawful elements that God gave mankind with it.

It is, the most amazing drama ever presented, the most elaborate stage setting ever built, the most complex parable ever recorded in the Bible, the most important physical structure ever built on the earth. It is a structure in heaven seen by Moses (Heb 8:5) and by John (Rev 15:5)—a portrait of the Messiah Jesus –a revelation of the spiritual you.

Course Overview:


A journey to our Father’s House

The Tabernacle – Credits

Different names for the Tabernacle

The offerings

The fourteen categories of offerings

God’s Covenant presence throughout history

The Encampment of the tribes

The Gate of the Court

The Sanctuary

The Court and Posts, Sockets, Hooks, etc.

The three levels of salvation

The Altar

Introduction—the Ephod and Breastplate

The Brass Altar

The Priest, the Altar and the stars

Summary and practical applications

The Laver

The mystery of “dying to live”

The Law of the Spirit of Life (the Tabernacle) – 102

Rudy Jones (30 hours)

April 23-27, June 18-22, Aug. 20-24

This course of study will commence from where the previous course concluded. With the same objectives as The Law of the Spirit of Life 101, this course will continue with the theme of, “The Tabernacle, the dwelling place of God”.

The lecturer is not attempting to present an exclusively historical study of the Tabernacle and it’s operation within the Old Testament record and context, but identifies the Laws of the Tabernacle and the Priesthood in a manner that is personal to the student and applicable to the world in the twenty-first century.

Course Overview:



The Age of Aquarius

The Anointing (Christ)

The Candlestick

The three levels of spiritual maturity

The Table of Shewbread

The secret language of the Bible

The Hebrew alphabet & numeric system

Thoughts and intents of the heart

The Golden Altar

The Veil was rent

Key Perspectives and Viewpoints

The Secret of the Tabernacle


Laws for Living - 101

Norman Edwards (30 hours)

Apr 30-May 4, June 25-29, Aug 27-31

Course Overview:

Why Study Biblical law when we have Jesus?

a) The Laws in Our Hearts. Most Christians believe they are under the “new covenant” in which God promises to “put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts” (Jer 31:33; Rom 2:15; Heb 8:10; 10:16). We are to keep “the spirit” and not “the letter” of the law (Rom 2:29; 7:6; 2Cor 3:6). But it is the same laws that were once written on stone that are to be written on our hearts. They can be written through life-lessons guided by the Holy Spirit or they can be written through study of God’s word, guided by the holy spirit.

b) Physical governance still needed. The purpose of the Church was to teach spiritual truth, not to establish a physical kingdom. Yet there is still a need for physical governance in families and states. In the U.S.A. and some other nations, the people are ultimately responsible for government and would benefit greatly by using Biblical principles for civil government—whether they are Christian or not.

Laws for Crime Prevention. The U.S.A. spends far more money for prisons, police, courts and lawyers than any other nation in history, yet still has a huge prison population and a lot of crime. There are reasons for it and ways to prevent it.

Laws for a Robust Economy. Governments continually debate the virtues of capitalism vs. socialism, the best method for taxation, methods for determining liability, etc. If those responsible for governing knew what God said about these matters, billions of people would be much better off.

Laws for Stable Marriages. More information about sex and marriage is available to the average person than in any previous generation, yet divorces and failed marriages still outnumber successful ones. God, who made marriage, tells us how to avoid those problems.

Laws for Caring Congregations. Today, Christianity is divided into hundreds of denominations, which do not get along with each other and frequently do not recognize each other as believers. Jesus and the Apostles gave clear laws to believers that would prevent these problems. Some of the Bible verses are frequently mistranslated, adding to the difficulty, but most of the laws have been clear in the Bible—just not sufficiently studied and applied.

Summary. This is a practical, non-prophetic class to help young and old to study, learn and apply the valuable Laws for Living that our Heavenly Father has given us.

Taking Classes

As this is our first year of operation, we only have a limited number of vacancies; we will be making more opportunities available throughout the year. As an introduction, these courses are being offered at very attractive rates and you are invited to reserve your booking immediately as placement opportunities are limited.

Course module fees for one week include:


Cafeteria Meals


One 30-hour course

See the course descriptions, above, for the dates that each course is offered. In general, courses are offered Monday through Friday, but you may make arrangements to leave a day earlier or stay a day later if necessary. Obviously, the 101 courses should be taken before the 201 (second half) courses. See the fee schedule on page 17 for costs. A discount is given for staying for 2 or more consecutive weeks.

Non-class attending children, teens and adults will have use of the recreational facilities. Please contact Port Austin Bible Center to discuss opportunities for care programs for your non-class attending family members.

Comfortable dormitory accommodation is provided, along with access to the campus’ recreational facilities, which include: Gymnasium (with basketball court, racquetball court, weights & exercise room, game room) Volleyball (in gym & outdoors), Outdoor heated swimming pool, Children’s playground, Bowling alley, Tennis courts, Baseball field.

Lake Huron, boating, canoeing, horse-riding, roller skating and other attractions are only 1-8 miles away.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your entire family to come aside from the circumstances of everyday life and experience re-creation, restoration and renewal in body, soul and spirit. We invite you to contact us and make your reservation today. Registration forms and further information about Port Austin Bible Center courses and facilities are available from:


Business hours 517-738-5000

After hours 517-738-5152

Fax (24 hours) 517-738-5004

Mail: Port Austin Bible Center, P.O. Box 444. Port Austin, MI 48467-0444



Port Austin Bible Center Fee Schedule

1 week
2 consecutive weeks
3 consecutive weeks
4 consecutive weeks
Non-class teens & adults
each $100.00
each $175.00
each $250.00
each $325.00
1-3 children (6-12 yrs.
each $50.00
each $85.00
each $120.00
each $155.00
Children 5 years and under are free. Fourth child and more of the same immediate family are free.



Do I believe all this stuff is true?

by Norman Edwards

No. I disagree with a few of the things in these course outlines—but that is the nature of non-denominational study. There is no requirement to agree with everything being taught in order to attend or teach. (“Required belief” is something one expects from denominations and cults.) Teachers will accept well-supported disagreement in class discussions.

To me, the issue is this: Is the spiritual value of the courses worth the cost in time and money to take them? I am convinced my course will be. I cannot speak as confidently for the other courses because I have not taken them yet, but I think they will be worth the effort as well. Even if I should end up disagreeing with much of the teaching, I believe the time spent pouring over the scriptures with others will be well spent. The effort of any study should not be to “find a teacher to follow”, but to learn from God and His Word.

The other teachers use many parts of the Old Testament that the Church of God groups spent little time with. They teach both literal and symbolic use of many laws. Christ continually spoke in symbolic language, confusing his disciples. We should not be surprised that other parts of the scripture also have symbolic meanings.

I appreciate the opportunity to teach the very practical lessons from the laws of God that individuals can use in their lives, families and governments.

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