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Volume 6, number 6, November/December 2000


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Last Call for Response Pages

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How The Holy Scriptures Bible Version Came to Be

Port Austin Bible Center

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Last Call for Response Pages

Response PageOver 1100 Response Pages have been returned. If we did not receive one from you, we included another with this issue. We have not automatically dropped subscribers for almost three years. However, this will be the last issue for about 800 subscribers unless we receive their Response Page or some other request to continue.

Our previous instructions to fold and tape the page were not good. We received several fragmented ones, torn by postal machines. This time we have included an envelope. So even if you already mailed the first one, please return the Response Page if it is included in this issue.

Over 250 people asked to be placed in the Local Servants’ Directory. The preliminary version of this directory has been produced. It should be very helpful to brethren looking for friends, fellowship, or Bible study information. A variety of spiritual and physical gifts were listed by people from 10 countries and 40 USA states. I hope more international brethren will participate. We will send the complete directory to all subscribers and place it on the Internet.

Over 900 filled out the survey portion of the form. Initial results indicate that subscribers are most interested in Bible study articles (over 75%). The most diversity of opinion occurs in regard to HWA analysis articles with a third in favor, a third against, and a third neutral or not answering. More statistics will be published later.

If you have not returned your Response Page, please do so right away! — NSE

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