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Volume 6, number 5, September/October 2000


Port Austin, Michigan Feast of Tabernacles 2000

Send in Your Response Page!

Trucker’s Bible Study (#58–61)

News from Local Congregations

God is not the Author of Confusion — But He Sure Lets Men Author Confusion

Feast of Tabernacles 2000 Reports

Our Weekly Sabbath Rest: More of the Story

Small Groups and Evangelism

Letters & Responses

Do We Qualify for the Kingdom?

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Send in Your Response Page!

Response PageThus far, we have received about 700 of the response pages that were mailed out with the previous issue. All but 50 wanted to continue receiving Servants’ News in some format. About 60 would like it only via e-mail. Most of the people answered the questionnaire section, and about 200 want to be in the Local Servants Directory. We will summarize the results of the questionnaire when we have more pages returned!

If you have not returned your Response page, please do so soon. It might be better if you put it in an envelope, we mistakenly used return address labels with post office bar codes on them. Sometimes the scanning equipment reads that bar code instead of the Servants’ News barcode and subscribers have received their own questionnaire back in the mail. If that happens, cross out the barcode on your address label and put it back in the mail. We also found that post office machinery crushes some of these small response pages. If we ever do this again, we will include envelopes.

Please let us hear from you. If we do not, we will eventually drop you from our mailing list. — NSE

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