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May/June 2000

Partial Literature List

All items are free upon request. All back issues of Servants’ News are available as well as a Complete Literature List.
Our goal is to bring worthwhile information to as many as want it at the lowest practical cost. The loose-leaf format used by Servants’ News and most of the literature below is inexpensive and makes copying easy (most literature is public domain). You might wish to hold the pages together with a ring binder, staples, brads or a paper clip.

Items New This Issue:

Study Resources and Information:

Church of God Organization/World Wide Web Addresses by Alan Ruth, 14 pages.
Mailing addresses for “Church of God” groups of all kinds. Many group web sites, also.

Basic Literature:

Young Child’s Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book, 24 pages.
Coloring, questions and word search for ages 2 to 10. This will be handed out at the Port Austin Feast site. Those with children attending elsewhere are encouraged to get it.

Mature Literature:

Satan’s Fate—Life or Death? by Melvin Hershberger, 8 pages.
An interesting look at a question that many have not studied (definitely not a “salvation” issue).

Items Featured This Issue (always available):

Mature Literature:

200 Years of Sabbath Keeping In Australia by Bruce Dean, 8 pages.
Shows many Sabbatarian Groups in Australia

Basic Bible Study Tools by Richard Nickels. 36 pages.
An excellent summary of available Bible study aids and how to use them. Samples of many study aids included.

Church Government? by Wesley Webster, 32 page booklet.
Former WCG/GCG minister (Webster), a long-time member (H. Curley) and a voice from the past (J. H. Allen) show the danger of religious hierarchy.

Eight Studies: Ordination, Laying on of Hands, Tithing, Nicolaitans, Cain, Balaam, Korah, Teachers by an anonymous author, 60 pages.
Bible studies shows the problems with religious organizations that are often more like businesses.

Freedom and Christian Responsibility by Dale Stogner, 14 pages.
Freedom, morality, love and liberty cause peace and prosperity. We are responsible for our actions and our inactions. We need to use the literature available from a variety of ministries to help ourselves and others grow.

God vs. Evolution Y2K by Rabon Vincent, 214 pages.
Book on widely varying topics including evolution, Bible chronology, the calendar and British Israelism.

Is Christianity a Fraud? A Preliminary Assessment of the Conder Thesis, by Eric V. Snow, 136 pages.
Now includes effective rebuttal to Conder’s By Gosh Josh.

Pastoral Guide on True Shepherding and Caring for the Flock of God with Servant Leadership and "Being Helpers of Their Joy!" by Bill Swanson, 16 pages.
Bible verses and practical points for anyone who ministers or desires to minister to others. This book would radically change the image of corporate churches if it were followed.

The Theological Marketplace of Ideas or, the Three “C’s” of Ministry by F. Paul Haney, 11 pages.
What is necessary for former WCG members to reach the world with the Gospel?

The Worldwide Church of God Splits: Their Triumphs and Troubles by Alan Ruth, 56 pages.
Facts and analysis of the last 20 years of “Church of God” history.

Highly Recommended Items Listed Every Issue:

Mature Literature

Assembling on the Sabbath by Norman S. Edwards, 16 pages.
An exposition of the scriptures regarding our need to fellowship on the Sabbath and how to do it.

Biblical Calendar Basics by Norman S. Edwards, 10 pages.
Introduction to the issues about the Biblical and Hebrew calendars (beginning of months, years, postponements etc.)

Did Christ Reorganize the Church? by Herbert Armstrong in 1939, 8 pages.
Very different than his later approach: Christ never set up a hierarchical government.

How Do We Give to the Eternal? by Richard Tafoya & Norman Edwards, 36 pages.
Biblical study of giving and tithing.

How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans? by Norman S. Edwards, 34 pages.
How the KJV translators altered Scriptures about government to please King James and an analysis of what the Bible says about how we should govern in today’s congregations.

The Worldwide Church of God Splits: Their Triumphs and Troubles by Alan Ruth, 56 pages.
Facts and analysis of the last 20 years of “Church of God” history.

Study Resources and Information

Freedom Biblical Information Center Catalog by Wayne Schatzle, 12 pages.
Free, mostly Sabbatarian literature & tapes sources.

Giving and Sharing Order Form by Richard Nickels, 3 pages.
Has many excellent free items, low prices on hard-to-find religious books, and fine literature on floppy disk.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God edited by Dixon Cartwright.
One free sample issue. Best single source of news about Sabbath-keeping groups. 24 pages.

Servants’ News Statement of Receipts and Expenses, 2 pages.

Servants’ News Complete Literature List & Index, 36 pages.


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