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Mar/Apr 2000

Church of God Member Survey

One of the things that the COGs have lacked over the years is good self-analysis. Most of the time, neither members nor ministers have had a firm grasp of what the average member expected from their church as an organization or from their Sabbath services. In 1978, the WCG did engage SRI, a large national consulting firm to survey members, but that information was never shared with the membership and to my knowledge was never applied in any fashion. A subsequent survey was done in the 90s, and it supposedly did have some impact on the guys the Pasadena administration. A third one was conducted in 1995.

As part of the upcoming IBLC Conference “Building the Next Church”, I would like to ask those interested to participate in this little survey. I have already received 60 responses, but several hundred would be better. Please feel free to ask your friends to participate. I would appreciate your honest responses and will share the results with you at a later date. All surveys will be kept confidential—you do not even need to give your name.


Linda H. White, 4021 Randall Lane, Carrollton, TX 75007.


Which of these factors do you consider important in a church? Please rank each one from 1 to 20, with 1 being most important and 20 being least important. Comparing 20 items to each other can be a difficult task. If it helps, first read the 20 items and place a check in one of the five columns at the left of each item, rating them in one of the five categories, most important through least important. After that, rank all of your “most important items” (if you have five such items, they will be 1 through 5), then all of your “fairly important items” (if you have four, 6–9), then rank the other three columns one at a time. The last number you write should be “20”.

But the only results necessary are the final rank, 1–20. If you do not have a way to copy the survey, multiple people can submit it by simply writing the item letters (A–T) on a piece of paper and putting the ranking numbers (1–20) after.


Write numbers 1–20, ranking items by importance

            A. how many friends you know who attend that church
            B. the theological beliefs and doctrines of the church
            C. affiliation with a corporate COG
            D. how much you like the pastor
            E. the quality of the sermons that are preached
            F. the length of the sermons
            G. how much the people seem to care about each other
            H. interactive Bible studies
            I. a participative worship service in which people are free to present music, share news, or make prayer requests
            J. how friendly the people in the church are to visitors
            K. how much the church is involved in helping poor and disadvantaged people
            L. the quality of programs and classes for children and youth
            M. the convenience of the times of Sabbath services
            N. an ongoing evangelistic program to reach people in your community or area
            O. the quality of the music in the service
            P. the type of music in the service
            Q. the amount of music included in the service
            R. how far the church is located from your home
            S. how clean and comfortable the meeting facility is
            T. how much the group emphasizes tithing and money

Other factor(s) important to you: ___________________________________________________________

[You can submit the information by printing out this page and writing the numbers 1 to 20 or else write on a piece of paper, and send your results to Linda White]

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