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Volume 6, number 2, March/April 2000


The Love of God

Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

Trucker’s Bible Study (#41–47)

News from Local Congregations

Church of God Member Survey

Understanding Daniel 2

Why Ambassador Report on the Net?

The Creation Origin of the Festivals

Letters & Responses

Small Groups and Evangelism

The Rest of the Story

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Feast of Tabernacles Sites 2000

Feast sites are listed in this issue which welcome non-aligned Sabbatarians. Please let Feast sponsors know now where you are planning to attend! It is very difficult to plan a Feast when the number of people attending is unknown. Time and money are wasted if attendance estimates are too high. Facilities become too crowded if estimates are too low. If you are not sure yet, it is better to notify the site you are most likely to attend, then change your mind later if necessary.

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