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Jan/Feb 2000


Could God Use “Other Groups” to Do His “End-time Work”?

Many “Church of God” group members believe that they must be the ones who will teach the “truth” to the rest of the world: repentance, baptism, salvation through Jesus, His return to a literal “Kingdom of God”, the Sabbath, Holy Days, clean meats, etc. After all, no other significant group teaches these doctrines, right?

Actually, there are quite a few of them. The ad below was forwarded to us from one such group in Port Angeles, Washington. Most were formerly Seventh Day Adventists. They still have friends in that group, with which they try to keep in contact, but are sometimes shunned. (Does that sound familiar?) The members of this group are now studying the Bible from a Jewish perspective, though keeping Yashuah (Jesus) as their Savior. They now keep the Holy Days. They still quote from the teachings of Ellen White (SDA prophetess), but they no longer treat her work as nearly “infallible” like most SDAs do.

Do I think this group is “the one” that God will use? Do I think it is superior to all “Church of God groups”? No. The group teaches more Jewish tradition and SDA doctrine than I think is good. But twice in this ad, they claim that the scripture is their sole guide (sola Scriptura) and they ask people to leave their denominational teachings at the door. They allow discussion and questions in their studies. They even invite pastors of other groups to come and participate. (Try getting your CoG group’s pastor to publicly discuss doctrine with a pastor from a different group.)

I think this is one group that God could use to teach some truth to some people. A new person would probably find that this interactive format answers his or her questions much better than listening to CoG sermons which are too often about church government or some other “CoG problem”.

Will this group preach the Gospel to the world? Probably not. But there are literally thousands of varying Messianic-Jewish and other Sabbatarian groups springing up across the country. Christ knows how to use each of them.

—Norman Edwards

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