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Jan/Feb 2000


Send Info About Other Feasts to Servants’ News

We plan to publish Feast information for other sites in the March/April Servants’ News issue. We have already received information on a number of sites (don’t send it again if you already have). Please try to keep it short. Give the location, who is sponsoring it, approximate cost, any particularly interesting or unique points about the site and contact information so people can find out more. See the back page for Servants’ News contact information.

It is wonderful to see so many different groups and individuals sponsoring Feasts. Years ago, a few individuals were responsible for planning all of the “Church of God” Feasts throughout the country. Now, there are hundreds of individuals gaining experience planning Feasts.

We encourage everyone to pray, plan time away from work or school, and do whatever else is necessary to attend the Feast of Tabernacles this year. However, we realize that not everyone can attend a distant site. If anyone is keeping the Feast at home and would enjoy sharing a study or a meal with others nearby, we would be glad to list you in Servants’ News as a “home Feast”. All you need to do is give a way for people to contact you: phone, address or e-mail. We will clearly separate home Feasts from other sites.

We will not list Feasts sponsored by those whom we believe to be unqualified as leaders (1Tim 3, Titus 1) or who are teaching doctrines unacceptable to our readership (e.g. one organization is the only “True Church”, only certain races can be saved, the Bible is false, etc.). However, we do not have time to extensively investigate every group. If we list a site that you believe falls into one of these categories, please contact us.

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