Scattered Brethren Contact List

March 2000

Brethren often ask if there are others on our mailing list with whom they could correspond, fellowship, study or attend services. Many cannot find a local congregation acceptable to them. When people ask us “which brethren live near me?”, it is not usually easy to give a simple answer. We do not know your local road conditions or driving habits. “Close enough to drive” means many things to different people. This document gives Servants’ News subscribers a way to contact subscribers that they decide are “close enough”. All you need are some postcards, stamps and maybe a local map to look up small towns!

This list gives the number of Servants’ News subscribers who live in each country, state (or province) and city. We do not give out subscriber addresses, but you may send us letters or postcards for people in the cities of your choice and we will forward them. For example, if you live in Dallas, Texas, and would like to contact others in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Denton, Texas, send us 9 letters or postcards: 6 addressed to Dallas (this list says 7, but send one less for your own city—you do not need to write yourself), 2 addressed to Ft. Worth and 1 addressed to Denton.

Please include the following on each letter or postcard (see example, below):

  1. Your return address.
  2. First class postage.
  3. The words “Scattered Brethren Contact” near the top of the address area.
  4. The city name and state near the bottom of the address area. Leave room for us to write the name and address between “Scattered Brethren Contact” and the “city/state” line.

Then, place all of your cards or letters in a larger envelope and send them to Servants’ News, PO Box 107, Perry, Michigan 48872-0107. (See note, below, for international mail.) We will not forward items that do not correspond to the above guidelines, that are solicitations or that are from people not on our mailing list—we are not responsible for returning them.

Brethren using this service need to realize that Servants’ News readers have a great variety of backgrounds. They attend a variety of organizations and hold a variety of doctrines. Some people may not respond to your postcard at all; others may send you literature and try to convince you of their particular beliefs. But our past experience has shown that many brethren make lasting friendships and find places to fellowship using this service. We recommend that your cards or letters contain a very brief description of your interests. Those interested will respond to you and then you can arrange to meet, talk, etc. We hope everyone will keep in mind the principles of Romans 14. This should be an opportu- nity to befriend, encourage, and share knowledge, not a chance to force your ideas or your organization on others.

Special Note for International Mail:

If you live in the USA or Canada and want to contact subscribers in other countries, send your cards and letters to our USA address (.50 on each card, .60 on each letter).

If you live outside the USA or Canada please send your cards and letters to the address on page 2 of a current Servants’ News that is nearest to the country with which you want to correspond. For example, if you live in Australia, but want to correspond with people in England and France, please send your cards to the UK address. Do not put postage on your cards and letters if you are sending them to a Servants’ News office that cannot use the postage. In the above example, Australian stamps would not be useful for cards that will be remailed from the UK. However, if you live in the UK and are writing to Europe, please affix proper postage on each and send them to the UK address.

Scroll through the list below (in bottom frame), International is listed first by country, then USA listings.

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