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April 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 1

1 "For with the judgment you judge..." by Norman Edwards

1 "You shall be judged" by Norman Edwards

2 Ten Principles of Bible Study by James R. Calvert

3 Live Talk Radio by Lee Clark

4 Statement of Purpose for Friends of the Brethren by Norman Edwards

5 United Church of God by Norman Edwards

5 Worldwide Church of God Texas by Norman Edwards

8 The Sabbath and Clean Meats by James R. Calvert

10 How Should We Bear Fruit? by Norman Edwards

13 More Grace, Less Law (letter) by [name witheld]

16 Acts 15:10: What is the "Heavy Load" or "Yoke"? (letter) by [NSE response]

18 Elijah Work Yet to Begin (letter) by [name witheld]

May 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 2

1 "But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves" by Norman Edwards

1 Summary of Proceedings, UCG-AIA Conference of Elders by United Church of God

2 Principles of Understanding Bible Prophecy by James R. Calvert

3 A Local Congregation Reaches Out by Glenn H. Flemming

4 To the Ministry of the Church of God... by Ray Wooten

5 United Church of God & Worldwide Church of God Texas by Norman Edwards

7 Local Church Autonomy vs. Central Control by Dale Stogner

11 Did Christ Reorganize the Church? by Herbert W. Armstrong

18 Why So Many Differences? (letter) by [NSE response]

June 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 3

1 God's True Church by C. B. (name confidential)

1 Why are there Divisions in the Church? by Richard A. Wiedenheft

2 Sources of Bible Information by Norman Edwards

3 UCG On the Air with Hope for Humanity in Alabama by Norman Edwards

5 United Church of God by Norman Edwards

7 Oh, How I Love Your Law! (Part 1) by Norman Edwards

12 Your Paper Said It, But Is It True? by Norman Edwards

13 Does Voting Cause People to Play Politics? by Norman Edwards

15 Global or United Church? (letter) by [NSE response]

16 What is God's Work? (letter) by [NSE response]

17 Sharing the Gospel Message (letter) by Fred G. McGovarin

July 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 4

1 An Open Letter to All the Churches of God by Angel Gonzalez

1 Follow Me!?? by Norman Arthur Brumm

2 We Can Do a Better Job by Norman Edwards

3 Learning From the Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong by David Day

5 Big Changes in Big Sandy by Norman Edwards

7 Oh, How I Love Your Law! (Part 2) by Norman Edwards

11 Acceptance Without Compromise by Richard A. Wiedenheft

13 10 Commandments not Old Covenant (letter) by Matt Gee

13 Deep and Serious Questions (letter) by [NSE response]

23 History Research Projects Catalog by Craig White

August 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 5

1 Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Leave the Worldwide Church of God by (holding fast in Meredian, MS)

1 The Sound of a Different Drummer by Robert B. Schimmel

2 One Ark or Two by Norman Edwards

3 Why I Observe the Sabbath by Richard A. Wiedenheft

6 United Church Conference, Growth by Norman Edwards

7 Questions and Comments on Church Governance by Dale Stogner

11 The New Circumcision by Kyle Williams

14 Personal Letter on Healing, Computer Publishing, the Edwards Family & the Feast by [name witheld]

16 Avoiding Competition (letter) by [NSE response]

Sept-Oct 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 6

1 Church Government—It doesn't have to divide us! by Norman Edwards

2 Joseph Tkach, Jr. Assumes Father's Office by Norman Edwards

3 Preach the Gospel on Your City for only $400 per year. by Norman Edwards

5 Formal Statement Regarding Fellowship and Affiliation: UCG, Birmingham by [author unknown]

6 Letter from Alan Ruth to the UCG Board with Response from Jim Franks by Alan Ruth

14 Peaceful Cooperation among the Ekklesia by Dale Stogner

16 Article on Government (letter) by William Washington

November 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 7

1 Godly Unity by Norman Arthur Brumm

1 What is the Role of Church Members in Governing the New Testament Church? by Toli Bohonik

2 On Blessing Those Who Curse You by Jeff Caldwell

3 Nicolaitanism—First-Century Clergyism and Priestcraft by C.J. Milosh

6 The Myth of Government from the Top Down by Mike Summers

7 Oh, How I Love Your Law! (Part 3) by Norman Edwards

10 Thoughts Regarding UCG-AIA "Draft" Constitution & ByLaws by Robert Bodkin

11 Submission on the UCG Draft Constitution by Craig White

13 Ray Wooten on Church Governance by Ray Wooten

15 Looking for a Congregation (letter) by [NSE response]

16 Look into Passover and Pentecost (letter) by [name witheld]

December 1995 Servants' News, Vol 1, No 8

1 CEM Emerges From CGI Reorganization by Norman Edwards

1 Independence: Is it Rebellion? by Norman Edwards

1 UCG Approves Constitution by Norman Edwards

2 The Trinity Re-Examined by Gregory Richardson

3 Will You Be Counted Worthy to Escape? by Donald Flowers

5 Sabbatarian Bible Fellowship by Craig White

9 Is Santa Claus a Christmas Idol? by Don Young

20 Praise for the UCG Conclusion by Craig White

January 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2. No 1

1 1996 FOT— Would You be Interested in a Non-Aligned Feast? by Norman Arthur Brumm

1 Jubilee '95 Promotes Learning, Toleration by Norman Edwards

3 UCG-AIA Rules of Association—Comments and Suggestions by Craig White

5 New Future for CGI Congregations by Norman Edwards

6 Personal Letter Regarding CGI Situation by Thalia Hufton

12 Non-Aligned Feast Sites Really Work by Norman Edwards

February 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 2

1 Church of God—Adventist by Richard Nickels

1 Worldwide Church of God: Crisis and Lessons by Samuelle Bacchiocchi

2 Action Taken at Church of God, International Meeting in Dallas by Norman Edwards

3 A Proposal: Intersabbatarian Cooperation by Craig White

4 Why Does Servants' News Report on Another Man's Problems? (letter) by [NSE response]

5 Oh, How I Love Your Law! (Part 4) by Norman Edwards

13 Beware of "Friendly" Visits by Norman Edwards

15 Obedience with Love (letter) by [name witheld]

19 "The Trinity Re-examined" (letter) by Juan Rains

20 Godly Unity Questions (letter) by Norman Arthur Brumm

21 Good Questions on Nicolaitanism by Norman Edwards

March-April 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 3

High Praise for Approach to CGI (letter) by [NSE response]

1 Is Having the Truth Enough? by Jack Lane

1 Passover: Shadow of Our Savior by Richard A. Wiedenheft

2 The Great Commandment by Will Benedetti

3 Plenty of Passover Papers by Norman Edwards

3 The Lord's Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread by John Paul Benedetti

7 Are We Ready for Miracles? by Norman Edwards

11 The Great Commission by Jerry Laws

13 Friends of the Brethren Corporation Ends, Service to Brethren Continues by Norman Edwards

19 Aware of Friendly Visits (letter) by [NSE response]

19 Jubilee '95 and CEM Questions (letter) by [NSE response]

20 Against "Friendly Visits" Article (letter) by [NSE response]

23 GTA Problem Continues by Norman Edwards

May 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 4

1 Expansion in Russellvile, Arkansas by Larry Lasiter

1 Giving & Sharing and Bible Sabbath Association Expand by Norman Edwards

1 The Christian Beacon Lays Foundation by Norman Edwards

1 Tulsa Meeting Agrees to Let Christ Lead by Norman Edwards

2 Utilizing Resources in the Local Church by Craig White

3 The Three H's of True Christianity by Norman Arthur Brumm

7 Aligning Ourselves WIth God by Alan Ruth

7 The Apprenticeship of God by Alan Ruth

8 Why Hasn't Servants' News Printed or Distributed Your Article? by Norman Edwards

9 Teaching Unpopular Truth to Skeptical People by Norman Edwards

12 If I Be Lifted Up... by Larry Lasiter

June 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 5

1 Grace Vs. Works by Eric V. Snow

1 Pastor Resigns from WCG: Against the Leadership, Not Doctrine by David Covington

2 God is Light by Jerry Laws

3 The Messiah is to Lead Us by Toli Bohonik

14 Ancient "MMT" Text Helps Us Understand What Paul Meant by.. "Works of the Law" by Eric V. Snow

15 The Church and Salvation by Robert B. Schimmel

17 Real-Life Indiana Jones Says He's Close to Finding the Lost Ark by [author unknown]

19 Cannot Repeat Our Past Mistakes (letter) by Tawanda Ray

22 Husband & Wife in Different Groups (letter) by [NSE response]

July 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 6

1 Answering the Lord's Prayer? by Pam Dewey

1 Servants' News Moves to Michigan by Norman Edwards

2 International Biblical Learning Center by Norman Edwards

3 Oh, How I Love Your Law! (Part 5) by Norman Edwards

7 Response To David Covington's Letter by Jeanette Cristoforo

15 The "Plymouth Brethren" Movement of the 1800's by Pam Dewey

16 Old Testament Prophesies and Holy Days Answer the Lord's Prayer by Pam Dewey

20 Answers to Questions & Anointing (letter) by Richard A. Heath

21 Glad to Get the Facts on GTA (letter) by Wayne Schatzle

22 Point 6 for Passover Article (letter) by Kevin & Ada MacPherson

22 Why Lambs Selected on the 10th? (letter) by John Sash

23 Philadelphians=Scattered Brethren (letter) by [NSE response]

24 Not All Messianic Jews Alike (letter) by Veronica Smith

August 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 7

Pen Pals and Running a Group (letter) by James & Sadie Morgan

1 Dealing With Doctrinal Difference: Toleration, Separation or Forced Conversion? by Norman Edwards

2 Children—The Forgotten Victims by Pam Dewey

3 God Works in Spite of Hierarchies by Norman Arthur Brumm

5 Resignation Exposes Hierarchical Problem by Wesley Webster

7 Choosing Music for Group Worship by Pam Dewey

12 Far-Reaching Insights at Friends of the Sabbath Conference by Norman Edwards

13 The Commandment of Christ by Hari Merman

15 Encouragement for the "Stay-At-Home Church of God" by Jim Damiano

19 Getting to Know Christ by Jerry Laws

25 Much Learned at Assembly of Yahweh Unity Meeting by Pam Dewey

Sept-Oct 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 8

1 Feast '96: Non-Aligned—The Concept Does Work! by Norman Edwards

1 Festival '96 Reports by various authors

1 Why Does Our Father Let Us Believe Error by Norman Edwards

2 Praise & Worship Music by Pam Dewey

5 You Can Contact Scattered Brethren by Norman Edwards

9 Living Room Church of God Directory by Norman Edwards

15 Shalom—Reconciliation is Our Preparation by Gary DuBois

16 Response to the Famous "Stay-at-Home Church of God" Letter by Lawrence Maayeh

17 The Celtic Church in Britain (Book Review) by Richard Nickels

24 Starting a New Congregation (letter) by [NSE response]

25 Many Questions About Sabbath Services, Including Role of Women (letter) by [NSE response]

November 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 9

1 Marriage & Divorce by Norman Edwards

1 Where Are the 12 Tribes of Israel Today? by Norman Edwards

2 Is Thanksgiving Only For Turkeys? by Norman Edwards

3 In Transition Concept to Continue by Norman Edwards

9 Focus on the Family: What Can We Learn From Their Work? by Norman Edwards

13 "What God Has Joined Together...Let Not Man Separate" by Marleen Edwards

14 Coronation Stone Goes to Scotland by Norman Edwards

14 Will the Real Ephraim Please Stand Up? by Harry Curley

15 Ephraim, Manasseh, Texas and the Bill of Rights by Lyle Timmons

17 Ephraim and Manasseh—Which is Which? (Comments on McNair Article) by Norman Edwards

21 When Christians Disagree, What Do You Do? by Steven M. Collins

23 Calendar Not Always "Postponed" by [NSE response]

24 Music Praising Our Savior (letter) by F. Paul Haney

December 1996 Servants' News, Vol 2, No 10

1 Be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves by Norman Edwards

2 Independence Day by David Cohen

3 The Marriage Contract: Does Anyone Really Do It? by Joop Peterse

7 Being Wise and Harmless in our Finances by Norman Edwards

11 Church Newspaper to Begin in February by Dixon Cartwright

12 Staying At Home? Try the Church of God Seventh Day by Clyde Thompson

12 UCG Plans Ministerial Transfers by Norman Edwards

13 Questions & Responses on "Tithing" by Norman Edwards

17 Hope for Homosexuals by Norman Edwards

19 Caught Between Two Extremes by Melvin Rhodes

21 What Did Jesus Mean When He Prayed, "Thy Kingdom Come"? by Toli Bohonik

24 Madai, Tubal and Meschech by Craig White

26 Feast '97 Albuquerque? It's up to you! by Lon Lacey

27 Already Understood Ephraim to be USA and Manasseh to be Britain (letter) by John Gordon

27 Friends in Pasadena Letter (letter about it) by [name witheld]

28 Where is the Third Resurrection? (letter) by [NSE response]

29 Does the State Get Married, Too? (letter) by Donald Steckey

30 Independent Believer for 17 Years by [name witheld]

33 Servants' News Index—Arranged by Issue by Norman Edwards

35 Servants' News Index—Arranged by Subject by Norman Edwards

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