Church Newspaper to Begin in February

The Journal: News of the Churches of God

In Transition Staffers Tackle New Publication

BIG SANDY, Texas—A new publication for members of the Churches of God scattered abroad is scheduled to roll off the press in Feb ruary, an nounced its publisher, Dixon Cart wright.

Mr. Cartwright is taking orders for the new publication, which is targeted at members of the Churches of God that have their roots in the Worldwide Church of God as well as other Sabbatarians.

It's also aimed at readers of In Transition, who for almost two years could read the latest news of the people of God in that publication.

Another In Transition?

Comparisons with In Transition are inevitable, Mr. Cartwright thinks, but he notes differences as well as similarities in the two publications.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God will do its best to report on happenings in the groups and will publish essays and sermon summaries based on Scripture.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God will provide a forum for God's people to communicate with each other in what Mr. Cartwright is sure will be a lively letters section.

"Some people loved the letters in In Transition, and others hated them, " notes Mr. Cartwright, who served as editor at In Transition. "But I think most subscribers turned to them first because we didn't mind allowing people to have their say."

The Journal: News of the Churches of God will keep tabs on the happenings at Am bas sador University as it faces the most challenging year in its history.

It will bring readers news of United, Global, International and, as much as feasible, Philadelphia.

"We have brethren in all these groups, and I think it's important to people wherever they are to keep up with their friends and brethren," said Mr. Cartwright.

The extent of individuals

But, besides spotlighting the larger offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God, The Journal: News of the Churches of God is committed to letting its readers in on the activities, trials and efforts of those groups of two, three or two dozen as they go into all the world starting with their next-door neighbors.

"Many people are coming to realize the extent of the network of individuals and tiny gatherings," Mr. Cartwright says. "I think a service our newspaper can do is to let people know they are not the only ones, whether they're individuals or part of the biggest or smallest assemblies."

Mr. Cartwright, who has worked on Church of God publications since 1973, believes the new newspaper can provide for a need that was filled "ad mirably" by In Transition.

"But there are still articles to write. We're not all out of transition yet by any means. The people of God are a dy namic, in some cases cohesive, but many times shattered set of individuals, and a publication in the format of a newspaper can do much to encourage and inform the brethren during their efforts to do the will of God."

A few surprises await readers of The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

"We've got some good information on some controversial subjects—the calendar postponements, for example. We plan early in 1997, before the spring festival season, to present what I feel will be extremely helpful information, including some concepts breth ren on all sides of the issue haven't heard before. As things stand now, we plan a two-part series beginning in the first issue to address the calendar head on."

Getting the word out

Mr. Cartwright is asking the brethren to help get the word out about The Journal: News of the Churches of God. Although he previously announced that In Tran si tion subscribers would each receive a free issue, he was not able to complete that arrangement.

In lieu of that offer, he is offering the first issue free to charter subscribers, who will receive 12 monthly issues for $18, plus the free Vol. 1, No. 1 (while available).

Subscription rates for international readers will vary depending on country of residence, but for the time being Canadian readers may subscribe for $24 (U.S. funds) and other international readers for $36 for 12 issues (plus the free first issue).

Arrangements are being worked out for regional distribution of the newspaper in international areas.

Asking for help

Mr. Cartwright solicits material from God's people scattered abroad. His mailing address for queries, news, comments and subscriptions is The Journal: News of the Churches of God, P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A.

Send E-mail to the publication at Or send faxes to (903) 636-9097.

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