You Can Contact Scattered Brethren!

Brethren often ask if there are others on our mailing list with which they could correspond, fellowship, or study. Many cannot find a local congregation where they can comfortably fellowship. We have responded to some of their requests, but it is difficult for us to know exactly who is within visiting distance of whom. For the second time, we offer a way for Servants' News subscribers to find others near themselves. All you need are some postcards and maybe a map to look up small towns!

This list gives the number of Servants' News subscribers that live in each country, state (or provide) and city. We do not give out subscriber addresses, but you may send us letters or postcards for people in the cities of your choice and we will forward them. For example, if you live in Dallas and would like to contact others in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Denton, send us ten letters or postcards: 5 for the 6 subscribers in Dallas (you don't need to write to yourself), 3 for Ft. Worth and 2 for Denton.

Please make sure you include the following on each letter or postcard (see example below):

1. Your return address.

2. First class postage.

3. The words "Scattered Brethren Contact" near the top of the address area.

4. The city name and state near the bottom of the address area. Leave room for us to write the name and address between "Scattered Brethren Contact" and the "city/state" line.

We will not send items that do not correspond to the above guidelines, that are solicitations or that are from people not on our mailing list—we are not responsible for returning them.

Brethren using this service need to realize that Servants' News readers have a great variety of backgrounds. They attend a variety of organizations and hold a variety of doctrines. Some people on our list may not be interested in responding at all. We recommend that your cards or letters contain a brief description of your interests and beliefs. If you receive a response, then you can say more. We hope both writers and readers of this mail will keep in mind the principles of Romans 14. This is an opportunity to befriend, encourage, and share knowledge, not a chance to force your ideas or your organization on others. &



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