Shalom—Reconciliation is Our Preparation

A theme has arisen in the Body of Messiah. The movement of spirit loosed within the fall Festivals of the Eternal One—our Source and our Destiny—is reconciliation. We have been revealed in all of our need, and we have been bathed in the Grace of His Love.

Preparation has been shown to us, as never before, as the deepest, widest, highest need of the Body of Messiah; and preparation as we have never yet confronted it. The time is at hand for us to move ahead in to full form and function as Messiah's Body. The evidences of vast need of a very specific sort have been shown in this time of beginning, for that End which Messiah now brings to us—to be fully re-cast in His image.

At Snowshoe, West Virginia, on a veritable mountain-top island in the autumn sky, we have witnessed evidences that our very need—our binding spiritual pain—is known by our Father in Heaven. He has heard our cry, and our Help comes, even now.

In the past we have held silent vigil at the altar of praise for the God of Eternity. Stilled lips have struggled with praises which even the rocks would sing out to Heaven's Gate, were they enabled. Our hands and arms, which God has meant to be raised upward in great surrender of glory and honor to Him, have instead hung limply at our sides, or been clasped behind our backs in the fearful grasp of our own doubt and confusion.

Feet and legs likewise, meant to move their owners in the gracious swirl of His Love, have been leaden and slow to respond to the Life which He Is. And our eyes—eyes which have seen only words—are now challenged to see Truth, alive and vital, and living in all the Strength of Life in all the created souls of our Maker and King. In this vision we come oh Lord, with eyes wide open, with hands uplifted, and feet prepared to dance, to sing Your glorious praises with our lips now cleansed by the Beauty of Your Presence.

What does all this mean? It has begun. We are challenged to come alive in the Strength and the life of Yahweh Elohim, the Holy, Uncreated, Self-Existent Eternal Almighty One. We are Called to become truly and fully alive in all of the Strength of His never-ending Life in Messiah Yehshouwa—Jesus Christ— even now! As He has said, "Most assuredly , I say unto you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these will he do, because I go to My Father," and "Whoever drinks of the Water that I shall give him will never thirst, but the Water that I give him will become in him a fountain of Water springing up into everlasting life."

The aching spiritual— and physical—pains of our very real binding, have begun to be healed. The healing of our paralysis, out of fear and imposed delusion, has begun, and the River of Life flows. Now we must seek to understand, and learn how to avail ourselves of this Holy Rain which seeks to fall to us and through us all. This is our Preparation, and it has begun.

The balance of this report on the Feast at Snowshoe, is made up of a series of short and very subjective impressions upon this writer while attending the Feast. The contents of the reports are spiritually objective, yet the reports themselves are the subjective impressions which the Feast activities—sermons, gatherings, workshops, conversations, etc.—left upon me.

All of the speakers and workshop leaders; all of the interactive participants in discussion and activity; all of the quiet listeners, praying and hoping, being seemingly dead in spirit, and living again, more and more, are here. In all of the balance of this report, we are, are seen to have been, and seek to know again and again, to Eternity, our Oneness in our Soon Coming Lord and King, Yahshouwa ha Mashiach—Jesus the Christ. His Name, in Eternity and in Power, shall be Named upon us. This report is available in its entirety from Servants' News. The specific short topics covered are:

1) Freedom—life, liberty, and property responsibility

2) Responsibility for our brother's problems

3) Chastisement, correction, conviction and Life

4) Leaders, emotional reactions and stimulous

5) Personal relationship with God

6) Worship, spiritual dynamics, and relationship

7) Oneness of God's Spirit and Law

8) Divorce, pain, awakening, and standing on the two feet of Law and Spirit

9) Movement into Life

10) The giving of Life

11) Form, function, completion, and suicide

12) God's appointment of us all

13) Fulfillment of God's Word by God and by us

14) Rivers of Living Water

15) Purpose of our righteousness

16) Our attention

These topics are not easily digestable. Then again, we are no longer babes.

If you are interested in receiving the entire 6-page report, please write the author in care of Servants' News.

—Gary DuBois

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