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Volume 14, Number 2, November-December 2010
(Actually published October 2011)

Servants’ News to Shepherd’s Voice

Servants’ News readers will automatically begin receiving Shepherd’s Voice Magazine—within just a few days! A future issue will contain a return card, asking if you want to continue receiving it. Jim Patterson and the SVM staff are a God-fearing dedicated, skilled group able to produce the publication on a regular basis. Norm Edwards will be writing for them.

Send editorial letters to Shepherd’s Voice Magazine at PO Box 858, Plainfield, IL 60544, Send circulation requests to or Shepherds’ Voice Magazine, PO Box 474, Port Austin, Michigan 48467. Offerings may be sent to at either address.

To support Port Austin Bible Campus and its homeless ministry or Church Bible Teaching Ministry’s literature ministry (, you may send funds to those names, also at PO Box 474, Port Austin, Michigan 48467. Thank you!


This is probably the most diverse Servants’ News ever! It has the largest format and is also the most delayed—11 months late. That problem will be solved, by Norman Edwards and other SN writers continuing to write for Shepherd’s Voice Magazine, the new publication which all SN readers will receive (see box at right). SVM has a dedicated staff, able to produce it regularly.

Beginning in 1995, Servants’ News was busy sharing Bible truth and news of Sabbatarian groups in a non-denominational way—and is still doing so in this issue. Since, moving to Port Austin in 2004, I felt the need to be teaching new people—not only those who are already keeping the Sabbath. Indeed, our local church attendance is now mostly people who have never been to corporate Church of God congregations. This is a great contrast to a recent conversation with a man in a typical big corporate CoG congregation—that has not had any new people come and continue to attend since it started in 1995.

If Sabbath-keepers, whether corporate or independent, continue to put too much emphasis on “having the truth” and too little on teaching it to others, the truth will die with them. With that in mind, this issue is the declaration of the end of Servants’ News, and the beginning of many new things. Keep reading, below!

I want to personally thank our Father in heaven for making this possible. I have never had a regular job since SN began, but have somehow managed to do this ministry and take care of a wonderful family of six, the youngest of which just recently became 18 years old. A big thank you to the staff, the writers and so many others who helped. May the Eternal reward you all! (Matt 10:42).

            — Norman Scott Edwards &


PABC Update in Pictures

PABC Update: 16 Months of Ministry to Homeless

Exploring Creation by Todd Elder — New PABC member, founder of Creation Science League

Letters and Responses — The simple, the complex, corrective & about divine revelation

The Holy Scriptures in English — Now Available in Leath­er with Gift Box


Godly Offspring —The success of a large Church of God family over 3 generations


What I Know About Courage...

I Learned From My Mother by Connie Hawkins

Biblical Basis for PABC Ministry to Homeless—The Bible has a lot on how to do it!

Health: Headed for the Dark Ages? Why common, inexpensive health knowledge is disappearing

The CoG Experience: Lessons We Should Learn:
7 good things & 7 mistakes

Eat Your Vegetables by Adam MillerNew PABC Housing Minister and Writer

Something! —
Old article where scientists assure us we should be in an ice age now!

Calamity to Confidence —

Five ways to deal with our difficult times and the one that works. This is a must for those who are into “conspiracy theories”—and for those who are not!

PABC Expanding the Outreach — Why Adam came to PABC and is stirred to help children.

Are You Sure Leaven Is Symbolic Of Sin? Some verses on the subject may surprise you.

Why Stand We in Jeopardy Every Hour? by Richard Traver—Fascinating Roman and British history on Paul’s Lament and the scripture about those who are “baptized for the dead”.


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