Volume 12, number 1, July-August 2008

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PABC Foundation Laid;
Who Will Build?

The Port Austin Bible Campus has laid the foundation to mentor young people, care for elderly and disadvantaged people, and provide teaching for non-denominational Sabbatarian believers. More dedicated, similarly-minded brethren are needed to come and help and to fund this task.

Why should Sabbatarians dedicate their resources or even leave successful careers to move here when there are plenty of other Sunday-Christian or Seventh Day Adventist schools, rest-homes and missions that we can use? The answer is simple. If it is not worth our effort to retain our young people and care for our needy people in a way that they can continue in our beliefs, then is it worth our effort to continue in our beliefs at all?

Stated another way, how can we, with our more accurate understanding of the Scriptures, be dependent upon “less knowledgeable” Christian groups to teach our young people and care for our members in need? By contrast, if we all disappeared, they would continue quite well without us.

If non-denominational Seventh-day believers cannot establish a means of perpetuating their own beliefs, then would they not be better off to stop meeting separately, and to join other established congregations, in the hopes that their Bible knowledge would eventually be shared with and accepted by those congregations and eventually perpetuated by their schools, missions, etc? What good are we achieving to maintain the truth for so many years, only to gradually die off and have our truth die with us?

This writer believes that a good foundation has been laid at PABC, even in the midst of a great struggle. We pray that God will stir some—maybe only a few—to read the articles below and to take action.       —NSE

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