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Response Page

1. Please read the first article in the Mar/Apr 2003 issue: Should Servants’ News Continue? Fill out at least the top half of this page, starting with your name, and return it in the enclosed envelope. Thank you.

Please print your name and address here:



2. Do you think production of Servants’ News and Shelter in the Word should continue?

[_] Yes, produce more issues each year.

[_] Yes, make same number of issues, but on time.

[_] Yes, produce less often, only as funds allow.

[_] No, discontinue.

3. Why? _____________________________________________________________________________


4. If we continue to produce these publications, would you like to continue to receive them?

[_] Yes, please keep sending them.

[_] No, just send an e-mail link to __________________________________________________

[_] No, I do not need them.

5. Please check the statement at right that best describes your ability to financially support this ministry in the future, or write your own statement, below:



[_] I will continue to support as I have in the past.

[_] I can support your ministry more than in the past.

[_] I do not have the money to support your ministry.

[_] I choose not to support your ministry.

6. If you could help with Church Bible Teaching Ministry in a major way, such as web site design, local church news editor, world news editor, Christian involvement editor, printing or mailing, please check the box at right and explain further (on the reverse if printing the page or below this question if copying into an email message). Could you move to Michigan?

[_] Yes, I would like to help in one of these areas.


[_] No, not now.

If you have time, please read the accompanying article Needed: Sabbatarian Educational Environment for Young People in the Mar/Apr issue. Then answer these questions:
7. If the Sabbatarian Educational Environment (SEE) described in the article could be implemented, would you recommend it to your own or other young people?

[_] Yes, I would recommend it.

[_] No, I have written reason why on other side.

[_] No.

8. If such a project is started independent of this ministry, would you want to be on its mailing list?

[_] Yes, keep me informed.

[_] No, I am not interested now.

9. Would you be willing to serve on a council to further plan and implement a project like SEE?

[_] Yes, I want to get involved.

[_] Possibly, keep me informed.

[_] Not at this time.

10. Would you consider teaching, working as a staff member, giving property or assisting in some other non-financial way?

[_] Yes, comments on other side.

[_] No.


You can either print this page from your browser and fill in with a pen, and post to CBTM at the address at the top of the page (You may have to print in Landscape format to fit the width of the page on properly); if you are unable to print this page you may just write out the question numbers and your answers on a sheet of paper and send that, with your name and address;

copy the information here to your email and fill in the form in your email program and send by email to