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Sep/Oct 2000


Partial Literature List

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Items Featured This Issue:

Study Resources and Information:

Barnabas Ministries Bookmark Bunch, by Alan Ruth, 6 pages. Three 2-sided bookmarks covering Bible basics, Plan of Salvation & Words of Comfort, and Worldwide Web Resources. Excellent to keep, carry or give away.

Bible Sabbath Association Order Form, 8 pages. Sabbath books, booklets, and tracts—some very hard to find.

Church of God Organization/World Wide Web Addresses by Alan Ruth, 14 pages. Mailing addresses for “Church of God” groups of all kinds. Many group web sites, also.

The Churches of God Newsletter, by Rick Beltz, 12 pages. Free Sabbatarian Newsletter.

The Fellowship Commentator by F. Paul Haney. Sample 8 page issue of free quarterly newsletter.

Friends of the Family Lending Library Order Form by Rod McKown, 2 pages. Check out family books and tapes.

Green Pastures Gazette edited by Phil and Diana Keener, 8 pages. Free monthly newsletter of Sabbatarian news of congregations in the Texas/Arkansas area.

Hebrew Roots Sample 24-page issue of free newsletter with emphasis on the Hebrew roots of “Christian” belief.

History Research Projects Order Form by Craig White. 4 pages. Hard-to-find books on the origins of nations.

In Him Newsletter. An issue of free every-2-month newsletter for teens & people working in youth ministries.

Learning Together Newsletter, by Ron Wilson, 20 pages. Bible study articles published by a variety of Sabbatarians.

Living Relationship with Original Language Text Unfolding, by John J. Purvins, 40 pages. First issue of free Christian living magazine and Hebrew study course.

Living Room Church of God (LRCOG) Directory edited by Robert Bodkin, 16 pages. Find a place to fellowship!

Prison to Praise by Merline Carothers, 118 pages. Book reporting miracles that occurred as a result of praising God. Shows difficulty we can have telling others “they don’t know God.”

Sabbath History edited by Leon Lyell in Australia. One free sample issue of 26-page newsletter about the history of Sabbath keepers & groups. There is nothing else like it.

The Sabbath Sentinel One free sample issue of 16 page magazine—doctrinal & human interest articles. With Bible Sabbath Association order form: Sabbath books & tracts.

Sanctuary of Silence Book Promotion and Order Form by Peter Kershaw, 2 pages. Information about the difficulties with church incorporation and 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status.

Scattered Brethren Contact List, 8 pages. List of cities of Servants’ News subscribers & directions on how you can contact them.

The Churches of God Newsletter edited by Rick Beltz, 12 pages. Free Sabbatarian newsletter.


Highly Recommended Items Listed Every Issue:

Mature Literature:

Assembling on the Sabbath by Norman S. Edwards, 16 pages. An exposition of the scriptures regarding our need to fellowship on the Sabbath and how to do it.

Biblical Calendar Basics by Norman S. Edwards, 10 pages. Introduction to the issues about the Biblical and Hebrew calendars (beginning of months, years, postponements etc.)

Did Christ Reorganize the Church? by Herbert Armstrong in 1939, 8 pages. Very different than his later approach: Christ never set up a hierarchical government.

How Do We Give to the Eternal? by Richard Tafoya & Norman Edwards, 36 pages. Biblical study of giving and tithing.

How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans? by Norman S. Edwards, 34 pages. How the KJV translators altered Scriptures about government to please King James and an analysis of what the Bible says about how we should govern in today’s congregations.

The Worldwide Church of God Splits: Their Triumphs and Troubles by Alan Ruth, 56 pages. Facts and analysis of the last 20 years of “Church of God” history.

Study Resources and Information

Freedom Biblical Information Center Catalog by Wayne Schatzle, 12 pages. Free, mostly Sabbatarian literature & tapes sources.

Giving and Sharing Order Form by Richard Nickels, 3 pages. Has many excellent free items, low prices on hard-to-find religious books, and fine literature on floppy disk.

The Journal: News of the Churches of God edited by Dixon Cartwright. One free sample issue. Best single source of news about Sabbath-keeping groups. 16 pages.

Servants’ News Statement of Receipts and Expenses, 2 pages.

Servants’ News Complete Literature List & Index, 68 pages.

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