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Volume 6, number 4, July/August 2000


Working With “Other Groups”: How Do We Do It?

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Trucker’s Bible Study (#54–57)

News from Local Congregations

Feast Summaries Next Issue

Church of God Conference 2000

“Church of God” Groups Stuck With Reputation?

Greater Love Than This…

Teaching Other Groups — One Example

Small Groups and Evangelism

Letters & Responses

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Corrections to May/June issue


Feast Summaries Next Issue

We will publish Feast of Tabernacles summaries (including our own) in the next issue. Please send them to Servants’ News, P.O. Box 107, Perry, Michigan, 48872-0107; e-mail

The Churches of God Newsletter also intends to publish Feast summaries sent to them. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter of sending a summary, write to Churches of God Newsletter, P.O. Box 30272, Winston-Salem, NC 27130-0272; e-mail or

Corrections — Servants’ News, May/June 2000, Vol. 6 No. 3
  1. The front page of most USA copies was printed with “Vol. 6 No. 1” but should of course be “Vol. 6 No. 3”. International copies were printed correctly. If you save your copies of Servants’ News, you may wish to correct it to avoid confusion in the future.
  2. The address and e-mail for Bernard Kelly on page 11 are both in error. (Bernard Kelley submitted an article to the WCG that he believes was the original inspiration for the book Mystery of the Ages.) The correct details should read: 130 W. Huntington Dr, #120, Arcadia, CA 91007-3025; e-mail:
  3. On page 8 at the beginning of second-to-last paragraph, the line “Why does the Bible record God giving Adam and Eve a healthy warning against Satan…?” should, of course, read: “Why does the Bible NOT record God giving Adam and Eve a healthy warning against Satan…?”
    The staff of Servants’ News apologize for this error.

Online version has been corrected, but your printed copy will still be incorrect.


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