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In 2003, Norman Edwards, the Servants’ News editor, desired to not only teach the Scriptures, but to more thoroughly live them. He began work on what is now the Port Austin Bible Campus Christian community, which takes in homeless people. He has never been able to keep a regular publication schedule since that time. Now, relieved of the work of magazine production, he is able to write regularly for Shepherd’s Voice Magazine.

Most of the articles on this site are studies about the teaching of the Scriptures on a particular subject, and will be useful for many years to come. Port Austin Bible Campus continues to be a site for biblical reasearch and writing. Todd Elder writes and maintains the Exploring Creation website. Norman is gradually categorizing his Scriptural teachings on the Church Bible Teaching Ministry web site. Readers may ask questions to the Ask Norm column of Shepherd’s Voice Magazine or directly e-mail nedwards@cbtm.info.

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